Rihanna Just Showed Us The Exact Style Of Black Boots We All Need To Buy This Fall

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Rihanna is no stranger to setting trends, and she may have just done it again thanks to Instagram and her eponymous fashion label. Over the weekend, Rihanna's Fenty boots made their debut on her famous feet, and the look may just be the biggest footwear trend that we need to follow this fall.

In her Instagram post, Rihanna showcased a new pair of Fenty boots from her Fenty 8-19 fall and winter collection that featured a hybrid of matte leather and rubber. The result was a movable shoe that at least from the ankle up looked comfortable. The boot stopped at the designer's mid-calf and ended in a dangerous-looking point at the toe. Seriously, if you wear these, be careful because you could injure someone. One of the other unique things about the shoe was its corset latch design running up the front. According to Rihanna, the look is, "bat-mobile, but make it fashion!"

While you may have thought the boots in question were a sneak peek at new looks to come from Fenty, the specific shoe Rihanna wore on Instagram is actually available now via the luxury brand's website. The only downside? These leather meets rubber corset boots ring in for a cool $990.

For fans of the singer, actor, and designer, the boot price may not be so shocking. While Rihanna's endeavors like her lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty, and cosmetics range, Fenty Beauty, have pricing that's accessible, her fashion label, simply named Fenty, has always been about luxury from its inception.

Fenty launched in May in partnership with fashion house LVMH. The singer's work with the luxury good conglomerate marked the first time that a woman had helmed a label under the company's name. Score another one for Rihanna. Fenty is also the first luxury brand to be built from the ground up under LVMH.

Word of Fenty began prior to the joint May announcement with LVMH. In January, Rihanna was spotted wearing a pair of shield sunglasses with her name emblazoned on them. The glasses soon caused speculation that something was coming, and it was.

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Now, Rihanna's boots are yet another moment in which the designer has brought fans a look at what to expect in the upcoming seasons. Sure, most people don't have $990 to drop on the official Fenty boots, but don't worry. There are some alternatives out there that can give you Rihanna vibes without the luxury price tag.

1. Lace-Up Corset Boots

While Rihanna's Fenty corset boots don't lace, this pair from DSW feature the same mid-calf height, silver details along the front, and a heel. At a fraction of the cost of the Fenty boots, some concessions can be made, right?

2. Stiletto Lace-Ups

Like the boots from DSW, these feature a lace-up design, but the shoe has some attributes that make it more similar to the Fenty boot. First, the pointed toe resembles Rihanna's design. Then, there's the stiletto heel. Where the previous pair features a thicker look, these are more true to Rihanna's design when it comes to the heel.

3. Sock Boot

No, these aren't a corset, but the sock design of this boot allows it to have the same movable shape that the Fenty boot has. Plus, add in the stiletto heel and pointed toe, and you've basically got a dupe minus the latches.

If you're down for dropping $990 on Rihanna's boots, spoil yourself. If not, though, be on the lookout because Bad Gal RiRi may have just introduced us to boot of the season.