Ringly GO Bracelets Are Coming To Target

by Alexa Tucker

Get ready to meet the most functional new addition to your arm party. Smart jewelry brand RINGLY collaborated with Target to create the RINGLY GO bracelet, and it's ultra versatile and stacked with features. Unlike most wearable tech, it goes undetected among a stack of bracelets — except for the fact that it's ridiculously pretty, regardless of its tech-y abilities.

RINGLY GO is launching at 200 Target stores and online across the country, and they'll go for $125 (which is less than the pieces in RINGLY's original collections typically cost). Not too shabby considering all of the features. It tracks activity, counting your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, and you can create and monitor movement goals. You can also customize lights and vibrations for phone alerts, like text messages and notifications for more than 100 apps including Uber, Slack, WhatsApp, eBay, Snapchat, Net-a-Porter, Bumble, and Poshmark.

Along with RINGLY GO, the brand is also unveiling their redesigned app. "In addition to setting and tracking physical activity goals, Ringly users can set daily reminders to achieve mindfulness and balance with guided audio meditation and breathing exercises," according to the brand. I'm down with anything to help me get a little more zen in my life, so this is an exciting new feature.

There are two interchangeable straps and two stone/metal combinations to choose from — here's a look at the pretty styles.

1. Polished Stainless Steel with Black Strap

RINGLY GO Polished Stainless Steel with Black Strap, $125, Target

The stones in these bracelets are each totally unique (in shade and in pattern).

2. 14K Gold Plating with Blush-Nude Strap

RINGLY GO 14K Gold Plating with Blush-Nude Strap, $125, Target

The durable straps are Italian leather — so ~fancy~.

Wear it to brunch, wear it to work, even wear it to sweat it out, because RINGLY GO just may turn into your virtual personal assistant.