Yikes, Robby & Amanda's Latest Twitter Drama Will Make 'Bachelor' Fans Cringe

ABC/Paul Hebert; Robby Hayes/Twitter

Despite announcing their split back in September 2017, Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 contestants Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes' short-lived relationship continues to make headlines. Followers of the former couple were shocked after learning that Robby had posted personal messages from Amanda on Twitter following an email dispute regarding payment for his Disneyland annual pass, according to E! News. It seems that although things in the romance department may have been temporary for these two, their angst for one another has managed to remain longlasting.

The latest issue between the pair started on the morning of Wednesday, April 11 when Amanda took to Twitter to share a since-deleted message about an unnamed ex. According to E!, Amanda tweeted,

"I got a new debit card last month and got an email from an ex this morning forwarding me an email that his Disneyland Annual Pass payment was declined & to update my card info… I sure know how to pick em."

Robby then hopped on Twitter to respond to Amanda's message by posting images of an email correspondence between the two from earlier that morning. Outing himself as the ex-boyfriend that Amanda was speaking about in her Twitter post, Robby wrote,

"Lol is this how it happened or was I was trying to help you poor thing? Let's evaluate below everyone :) (Read the whole thing)."

The emails indicate that Robby forwarded Amanda a "past due" notice that he received regarding Disneyland annual passes that were linked to Amanda's account. It shows that Amanda, in turn, responded by revealing that she got a new debit card and didn't realize that she was still paying for his pass "all these months." She continued by saying that she would no longer be making payments for his annual pass and was confused by the whole situation.

ABC/Bob D’Amico

Robby then responded by saying: "I was just being courteous to the fact that it seems like if you don't pay the outstanding balance, they will probably send you to collections." He ended the correspondence with, "BTW...nice new tits." In response, Amanda wrote, "Oh thanks Robby. You're just a gem as usual."

Less than an hour later, E! reported that along with the emails that Robby posted to Twitter, he also shared a now-deleted video of him scrolling through his phone, showing text messages sent to him from Amanda. Along with the snippet, he wrote: "And some people just don't know when to let go."

After the cringe-worthy exchange made its rounds on social media, Amanda explained her side to E! News:

"I was surprised by the email when I read it this morning! We haven't spoke since the reunion show. I tweeted it before I heard his response email because I did think it was a little funny he was contacting me about his Disneyland pass...but I never said who it was about or even hinted at it being about him or had any intention to."

Amanda and Robby have been broken up for quite some time now, with the mother of two revealing that they haven't had any contact with one another since the reunion show back in September of last year. Wednesday morning's situation left Amanda seemingly shocked by Robby's huge reaction to her initial tweet. She told E! that she didn't even "expect him to even see it, let alone respond in the extreme way that he did."

Ultimately making the decision to take the high road, Amanda went on to express that she deleted the tweets because she doesn't "want to associate" herself with Robby anymore and can't believe that "he still harbors such harsh emotions" toward her. As far as her current status, it seems Amanda has moved on to bigger and better things in life, and past relationships have now become water under the bridge for the reality star. According to E!, Amanda shared:

"I have fully moved on with my life and just like to look at those relationships as learning experiences that have helped me grow as a person. I'm the happiest now than I've been in a very long time and wish nothing but happiness and peace for him, as well!"

This is not the first time these former flames have duked it out on social media. The pair also took jabs at one another on Twitter after their breakup last year. The back-and-forth bickering ultimately led to Amanda posting a photo of Robby reportedly cheating on her.

Claiming to be innocent amid the infidelity accusations, Robby defended himself by posting a screenshot with a long message about Amanda on Twitter and in his Instagram story. In the text, Robby accused Amanda of "allowing allegations that are blatantly untrue be said about [him]."

It goes without saying that long lasting relationships within the Bachelor franchise are hard to come by. However, this situation between Amanda and Robby has seemingly taken on a life of its own.