The One Way Robby Is The Most Honest 'BiP' Star

Bob D’Amico/ABC

Since its inception in 2002, there have been many an odd job title to grace Bachelor Nation's screen: Dog Lover, Free Spirit, Pantsapreneur, Twin. And while there have also been plenty of more traditional positions — doctors and lawyers and personal trainers galore — Robby Hayes' job title on Bachelor In Paradise is perhaps the most honest.

When Robby first joined Bachelor Nation during JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, he was listed as a former competitive swimmer, a legitimate profession, though it didn't speak much to how he spent his working hours at the time. Now, he's referred to as a social media influencer — which is, for the record, a real and quite profitable occupation. According to Forbes, major influencers can make anywhere from $3,000 to $300,000 per post, and at that price tag, why not embrace it? Though to be fair, Robby does have other aspirations: Last February, he signed with the Denver branch of famed modeling agency Wilhelmina Models. And he also seems to have a sense of humor about his internet-born job. After the episode listing his job title aired, he fittingly took to Instagram to share a meme. "Fluent in social media," he captioned the photo.

At first, Raven Gates bemoaned the fact that Robby talked in earnest about being "an influencer" during their one and only date, but in actuality, everyone on Bachelor In Paradise is a social media influencer, whether they consider it one of their descriptors or not. Sure, some of them may have real, certified careers outside of what fans are privy to on Instagram. Raven, for example, owns a clothing store in Arkansas, while Danielle Maltby is a dedicated neonatal nurse who left Paradise to treat children in Africa.

But they all use the boosted social reach that comes with being on reality television in some way or another. It's how they get deals with brands like Diff Eyewear and Smile Direct Club. It's how they land book deals and start popular podcasts. And it's how they snag gigs on Dancing With The Stars. Robby is just being upfront about what he does. So go ahead and make your jokes about his wind-resistant hair style and affinity for standout swimwear, but at least give him some credit for being forthright about what life is like as a reality star. Having to hear about it may be a lesson in patience, but at least it's authentic.