Robert Downey Jr. Is The Funniest Avenger To Follow On Twitter, Hands Down

Rich Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The release of another Marvel movie means that the Avengers: Infinity War cast often gets together for adorable press tours, or interact on social media, but the hands-down funniest Avenger to follow on Twitter is Robert Downey, Jr. The actor helped kick off the Marvel Cinematic Universe as fans now know it back in 2008, with a little flick called Iron Man, which was immensely successful and it spawned two sequels of its own. Now, a handful of other Marvel films either feature the character Tony Stark or have him in a leading role.

On-screen, Tony Stark is acerbic, self-confident, and impatient. He doesn't always play well with others, and has a tendency to underestimate the members of his own team. Off-screen, the Avengers actor is a gem. He posts awesome holiday photos and fan art to Twitter, and you never know what he might say or do next. While Mark Ruffalo might be the cuddliest Avengers star, and Chris Evans may be the most political, it's Downey that steals the Twitter show. It makes sense that the quippiest member of the Avengers would win at the social media platform.

Here are just a few examples of Robert Downey, Jr.'s best posts on Twitter.

As you can see, Downey loves to celebrate the holidays in style. He seems to really appreciate fan art, from wherever his team finds it. When addressing his fan base directly — which does on occasion — he uses precious nicknames. He also gently teases his costars, Spider-Man: Homecoming lead Tom Holland in particular. And then he posts more holiday outfits. A lot more.

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of RDJ's tweets are him in hilarious outfits, striking a pose for the camera to celebrate whatever holiday it may be. His budget for lycra and tinted sunglasses must be astronomical. Perhaps Downey and his silver screen counterpart aren't so different after all.

Now, what exactly sets his Twitter account apart from the rest of the Avengers stars? They are all delightful in their own way. Some even stand out more than others! For instance, the close second place for Funniest Avengers Twitter Account would have to be Tom Holland. Spider-Man might not be a classic member of the Avengers team, but the actor who plays him is so great. He's young and funny and adorable. He's made a name for himself as being all of those things, too; his classical dance training and early theater career made him into a natural ham. His tweets reflect this.

In fact, he's a superhero that can't stop spoiling the movies in which he stars because of his overwhelming excitement about the franchise. He also rocked his Lip Sync Battle appearance so hard. So when Holland tweets about wanting to drink a cup of tea in the bar, or quote-tweets his costars with flirty responses, it's pretty much par for the course. You almost expect it from him. You don't necessarily expect it from Robert Downey, Jr. The element of surprise is on his side for this one.

No one does it better than RDJ with his photos of the cast eating together.

He interacts with other superheroes on Twitter as well.

And the holiday outfits are always epic.

Now, Chris Hemsworth may make jokes, but they're so infrequent. Chris Evans is all about social media, but he's more of a woke bae. That leaves Robert Downey, Jr. and his patterned lycra suit photo shoots as the undisputed King of Avengers Twitter. You earned this, RDJ. Keep up the great, ridiculous work forever, please.