Here's What Royal Baby Archie Will Probably Dress Up As For Halloween

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Halloween might not be quite as big a deal or have as longstanding a history in the U.K. as it does in the U.S., but given that she's an American duchess, I'd be willing to bet that Meghan Markle is going to dress royal baby Archie up in a Halloween costume this October. Maybe he won't wear it in public, but Markle's group chat with Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, and Abigail Spencer be abuzz over the photos of little Archie's costume.

There has never been any word that the Cambridge children celebrate Halloween, so don't expect to see any pics of Archie in his costume yourself. In fact, the royals in general don't really celebrate Halloween — at least not publicly — so it's rare to see a photo of them in a Halloween costume. (Like this one of Princess Beatrice at a UNICEF Halloween party.)

It has been rumored — and shown in a Lifetime movie — that Markle and Prince Harry dressed up in Halloween costumes for a party in Toronto when they were dating, but no one knows for sure. In the movie, Markle dressed as Hillary Clinton while Harry was in costume as a frog.

Now, will Archie celebrate how his parents (maybe) spent one of the early days of their relationship by dressing up for Halloween? If he does, here are a few costume ideas Markle and Harry could choose from this year.

An Avocado

Markle loves avocados. Her friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin once called her the "#avocadotoast whisperer". That's high praise. Dressing Archie up as an avocado would be a shoutout to one of her favorite foods, a way to honor her Californian roots, and, I mean, a baby dressed as an avocado is just cute.

A Banana

Moving on to another fruit. We know that Markle likes making banana bread, because she made one for an event while in Australia with Harry. We also know that she might have posted an Instagram of two bananas cuddling as an early reference to her relationship with Harry. Come on, Meghan. Confirm the banana Instagram theory by putting your baby in a banana costume. It's not that hard.


Put the baby in a tiny suit, and say he's going as Markle's USA Network series Suits.

Prince Harry

Put the baby in a tiny suit, and say he's going as his dad.

A Kangaroo

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When the Duke and Duchess visited Australia right after her pregnancy was announced, they were given a kangaroo stuffed animal, so Archie's Halloween costume being a kangaroo would be very fitting. And cute. As always, cuteness is important with a baby Halloween costume.

Archie From The Comics

When Archie's name was announced everyone made the same joke about him being named after Archie from the comics or from the CW show Riverdale. Baby Archie will have more hair by October, so we'll see if he's a redhead or if he'll need a wig for this one.

A Baseball Player

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When the Yankees and Red Sox played a London Series in June, Markle and Harry attended and each team gave them a mini jersey for Archie. Royals are given stuff like this all the time, but dressing Archie up like a baseball player for Halloween would be a way of actually putting the gift to use.

If Archie does dress up, we probably won't get to see him unless Markle and Harry really can't handle not posting him on their Instagram. So, Princess Charlotte, if you're reading this, feel free to leak the information on Archie's costume decision.