Sad Paul Ryan Photos To Bring You Joy Now That The AHCA Is No More

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No matter where you stand regarding the American Health Care Act President Donald Trump reportedly killed on Friday, most people can agree on one thing — Paul Ryan looks like he's having a pretty bad day. Shortly before the House of Representatives was supposed to vote on the controversial health care bill, the speaker of the House was photographed flashing a defeated-looking thumbs-up while leaving the White House. If sad Paul Ryan photos are kind of your thing, it's definitely worth taking a peek at the snap — and the infinitely salty Twitterverse has taken this opportunity to round up a few of its other favorite sad Paul Ryan memes, too. Say what you will about Ryan — the man isn't afraid to show his emotions.

On Friday, Robert Costa of the Washington Post reported that President Trump confirmed to him over the phone that he was going to pull the AHCA bill before it could even go to a vote, putting an abrupt (if not temporary) end to a divisive piece of legislation. The scheduled vote regarding the new health care bill was scheduled to take place on Thursday but was postponed until Friday, giving Ryan an extra day to attempt to recruit much-needed Republican support. According to a CNN count, 27 Republican representatives were planning to vote against the bill — even though it could only stand to lose 22 GOP votes in order to pass.

Needless to say, Ryan looked pretty stressed upon leaving the White House, a fact that Twitter instantly latched onto. Here's that thumbs-up photo I was talking about:

Only Ryan knows exactly what was going through his head when the glum-looking photo was shot, but this isn't the first time the speaker of the House's facial expressions gave him away. Here are a few pictures the internet likes most:

The black-and-white filter really adds a somber tone to this image.

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A pep talk looks like it could be in order, here.

I'll let this photo speak for itself.

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Ah, yes, the classic cover-your-mouth-and-keep-your-head-down pose.

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I'm not sure what's happening in this particular photo, but Paul Ryan is not pleased about it.

At this point I think I've almost seen more sad photos of Paul Ryan than happy ones.

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The sad, blank stare — a familiar look.

There's... a lot going on here.

What will the future of health care look like? No one seems to have any idea. Here's what I do know — after the week he's had, Paul Ryan is definitely ready for the weekend.