Wait A Minute, Is Paris Geller Like Donald Trump?

by Mary Grace Garis
Warner Bros. Pictures

In another soul-soothing episode of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, the beloved host referenced your favorite TV show in tangent with someone you wouldn't expect. When talking about Donald Trump staffing his cabinet with "loyal friends," Samantha Bee remarked, "Remember on Gilmore Girls when Paris Geller staffed the school newspaper with loyal friends with no regard for talent level? It's like that, but with the leader of the free world and nukes." And even though I tend to agree with Bee on all things political (and otherwise), I have to step in here and say that as far as fictional characters goes, Paris Geller is no Trump. Instead, can I offer you: Lord Voldemort, Bane, Mayor White from Doug (Nickelodeon version, not Disney)?

Sure, there's a ruthlessness seen in Paris that drives her to fire anyone in her way, and nobody can doubt that her leadership in the past — from student council president to editor of the Yale Daily News — has marked her as somewhat of a dictator. Yeah, she always ruled by invoking fear and had a barrage of insults at the ready. But not only do we see Paris as a deeply sympathetic creature who snaps due to her profound insecurity, we also see her as someone who's intelligent (heavy emphasis on that) and hard-working.

Let's briefly talk about how Rory was made valedictorian over Paris, shall we? Rory, who had a least one D on her record (whereas Paris freaked over an A-), who up until sophomore year was going to Stars Hollow High, who showed up to Chilton with journalism dreams but didn't even know what the school newspaper was called? It isn't that Rory Gilmore's early years didn't demonstrate intellect or had a lack of drive. It's just that because the narrative of the show painted her as the hero, she always wound up getting what she wanted (and as such, was rudely awakened in the revival).

And Paris, while she does operate in her own realm of socioeconomic privilege, worked tirelessly for everything she tried to achieve. She believed she deserved to get into Harvard, because she did deserve to get into Harvard. She deserved to be valedictorian. She... she maybe should've handled the Yale Daily News thing differently, OK. But the point is, Paris is marked by fierce ambition, whereas the Rory Gilmores of the world always seemed to triumph, at least during the series' run.

And that sort of upset feels more akin to Hillary Clinton losing the election more than anything else.

Aside from her impending divorce and bathroom nervous breakdown, the revival manages to be fairly kind to Paris. She holds a M.D., a law degree, a dental technician’s degree, and an expertise in neoclassical architecture. She's a self-made success story, through and through. And even though she probably shouldn't start lectures with quoting Joseph Stalin, I ultimately don't think she's comparable to Trump.

Regardless, it is a very funny monologue, so feel free to check it out above.