Saturn In Aquarius Is Here & It Marks A New Era For '90s Kids

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In case you haven't already been feeling it both globally and in your personal life, we are currently on precipice of a major shift in astrology. Tough-love planet Saturn enters Aquarius on Saturday, March 21 and will transit through this sign until March 7, 2023. This shift will serve all of us life lessons and teach us responsibility in new ways. And this period will especially impact the horoscopes for kids born in the early ‘90s (from late 1990 through 1994) — but we'll get to that.

First, let's talk about what planet Saturn means in astrology. Saturn represents discipline and boundaries — or as astrologer Kyle Thomas explains it, "karma, hard work, and at times, challenges." With this planet, the only way out is through. Saturn helps us to focus on self-improvement and overcoming challenges, no matter how big the obstacles in the way may be. And it teaches us that hard work can pay off, if we're willing to pour in our blood, sweat, and tears rather than try to take the easy way out. It's an intense planet, for sure — but it always has our growth and best interest at heart.

Saturn In Aquarius Brings A Collaborative Focus To The Future


Aquarius is the forward-thinking sign of the water bearer. As a fixed air sign, its focus is heavily on getting work done through its mental energy — thoughts and ideas are a big part of how this sign relates to the world. When Saturn is here, it puts a greater emphasis on the possibilities that lie in our future. "Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline, will enter the mental, analytical sign of Aquarius," says astrologer Narayana Montúfar. "All signs will feel a shift in the field of career and responsibility, as Saturn will move to a different astrological placement within our birth charts."

Saturn dishes out life lessons and tough love no matter which sign its in, and in Aquarius, it's not here to mess around — but this also means that it has the power to help us create serious progress toward our goals, especially in the career sector. "Saturn will be pushing us to better connect with others and buckle down to make advancements in technology in the coming years," Thomas says. We're all more likely to find ourselves relying on collaboration to get us through obstacles, as well as relying on the power of community to come together to make large-scale humanitarian changes. Saturn in Aquarius is definitely a challenging but rewarding journey that we're taking together.

Saturn Goes Retrograde In July — Which Will Ground Us


Saturn's journey through Aquarius is a little wonky, as it will be in this sign for about three months before retrograding back into Capricorn for a few months. "In July 2020, Saturn will once again return to Capricorn due to a retrograde, the same place it has been since the end of 2017," Thomas says. "Life will feel more grounded again until it leaves Capricorn behind fully in December of this year." But then later this year, on Dec. 17, Saturn will enter Aquarius yet again — this time for the longer term — where it will stay through March of 2023.

During these first few months of Saturn in Aquarius (now through July), we will experience what Montúfar describes as a window of opportunity to glance into the future. "During this time, pay attention to the themes Saturn brings to your life and ask yourself: 'What am I being asked to focus on?'" Montúfar says. "Maintaining awareness is quite important here, since in December, Saturn will return to Aquarius — and this time, it will remain in this part of your chart for the next two and a half years."

If You Were Born In The Early '90s, Expect Huge Shifts In Your Life


If you were born in the early '90s, you're officially beginning your descent into the heart of your Saturn Return period. Here's the deal: Saturn spends approximately two and a half years within each sign as it travels through the zodiac, so we don't experience one of its sign changes as often as we do the other personal planets — which makes its influence more impactful over longer chunks of our lives. It takes around 29 years to make a full rotation through the zodiac, and when Saturn returns to the exact place it was when you were born, it's called (unsurprisingly) your Saturn return period.

The Saturn return is marked by major changes and challenges in people's lives — expect cataclysmic shifts in your romantic relationships (both break-ups and marriages are common), career trajectory, living situation, and so much more. Most people begin feeling the effects of their Saturn return as they approach their late twenties.

This means that for those of us born from late 1990 all the way through 1994, you're either in the middle of or coming close to your first Saturn return period — so prepare for things to get intense. "For those who are between the ages of 27 and 29 and about to experience their Saturn return, this is a big deal! Expect to go through very significant events, discoveries, and motivations," Montúfar says.

While there's no getting around the challenges of this transit, remember that it's all in the name of life lessons and coming out the other side even stronger. "While some people experience pretty intense Saturn returns, some people don’t," Montúfar says. "Saturn returns force you to get your act together, but they also help you build a stronger foundation for the years ahead." Things might get rocky, but there are lots of good things about your Saturn return that you can look forward to, as well.


Whether or not you're one of the lucky (or not-so-lucky) millennials about to weather their first Saturn return, Saturn's transit through Aquarius over the next few years is going to mean major shifts in our lives regardless. We'll be seeing giant leaps in the boundaries of technology, find ourselves leaning on our friends and collaborators to find solutions to challenges in entirely new ways, and coming up with out-of-the box ways of thinking to work within the confines of life's struggles. It might mean some challenges, but it most certainly means growth. And that's a good thing.

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