Sean & Catherine Lowe Celebrate Their Son's First B-day

by Mathew Jedeikin

Though it seems like only yesterday that they welcomed their son, Bachelor alums Sean and Catherine Lowe's baby boy, Samuel, is about to turn a year old. The reality stars-turned-entrepreneurs celebrated little Samuel's first birthday party a bit early and shared some of his milestones with People, and, you guys, the photos of the new family are downright adorable. In the accompanying interview Sean and Catherine spoke on a number of subjects including how their views on parenthood have changed after having Samuel and why his "chill" demeanor gives them worries.

Sean and Catherine welcomed little Samuel into their lives on July 2, 2016. Although a few couples from The Bachelorette have had children, and various contestants from the two shows have had kids with partners they didn't meet on television, Sean and Catherine were the first couple from The Bachelor to have a baby. They're also one of the few couples from the franchise to have a successful relationship for years after production ended on their season.

"My heart has doubled in size because I love him so much," Catherine told People about being a new mother. "I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to become a mom. We have such a great baby. We’re really the lucky ones to have such a sweet child."

While Catherine describes Samuel as a "sweet child," her husband Sean referred to the couples son as a "chill baby," then joked about what impact his personality would have on their growing family. Sean told People,

"We feel so blessed because he has such a cool, calm demeanor. We always say he’s a chill baby because he really is. We often joke that our next baby will be a terror because he’s so good."

The couple have expressed their desire for a large family before, so it seems natural to wonder about how their children's personalities will differ.

"Sean and I have always been open about the fact that we want more children," Catherine replied when asked by People about whether or not they were planning to have baby number two in the near future. "But we just enjoy Samuel so much right now that we haven’t nailed anything down." Well, it looks like we'll have to wait and see if and when Catherine and Sean end up having the five children they told Extra they wanted back in 2015. Either way, here's wishing Samuel a happy first birthday.

You can check out all of the photos from the family's shoot with People here.