Selena Gomez Clearly Isn't Hiding Her Relationship

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
By Mathew Jedeikin

Rumors have been swirling about Selena Gomez and The Weeknd since the first blurry photos of them together appeared online. For the most part, the pair has remained rather silent, but it seems as though times have changed. On Friday evening Gomez shared photos from The Weeknd's concert in Amsterdam, which is the first time either of them has made a legit appearance on the other's social media. According to E! News, Gomez posted an Instagram a video featuring The Weeknd a few weeks ago, but she (or someone on her team) reportedly deleted the vid after only a couple of hours.

Sharing your relationship on social media a big milestone for any couple (OMG, I remember when my now-husband and I first made it "Facebook official"), but Gomez's decision to post a photo of herself from The Weeknd's show suggests she's finally ready to open up about her new relationship with fans. The two have been a bit secretive until now, which is totally their prerogative, but I do think it's sort of awesome that Gomez feels comfortable sharing more. She and The Weeknd certainly shouldn't feel like they need to hide their romance from the public. Plus, it's especially awesome seeing Gomez happy in a post-Bieber relationship.

It's also pretty great seeing her take a little control over the coverage of her and The Weeknd's budding romance. As we all know, Gomez is the most followed person on Instagram, so by posting a shot of herself literally kicking her heels up as she enjoyed The Weeknd's show, she knew it obviously was going to get noticed by fans and gossip sites.

It makes sense, as fellow concert goers had already spotted Gomez and posted pictures online informing the world of her presence. So if the news was already going to get out, why not give the world a picture of your fierce heels to go along with the headlines?

Selena also posted a gallery of cute pics of herself to the 'gram, where she appears to be backstage at the concert venue.

Seriously, Gomez looks like she's happy and in control of the public conversation about her and The Weeknd. Good for them, and let's hope they take things to the next level and start posting selfies together. Imagine how fun their face swaps would be.