Your '90s Icon Selena Is Finally, Finally Receiving An Honor She Has Always Deserved

Although it's been over 22 years since her untimely death at the mere age of 23 years old, Selena Quintanilla receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame definitely proves that she's one of the biggest Latina singers of all time. The entertainer, who is scheduled to be posthumously honored during a ceremony on Nov. 3, will be receiving the 2,622nd star on the monumental walkway of celebrities, according to Billboard. Even better, Nov. 3 will now be known as "Selena Day" throughout the city of Los Angeles.

Selena, as she was mononymously known throughout her career, rose to fame during the late '80s and '90s as a singer, songwriter, model, and actress. As a musician, she has long been credited for bringing the Tejano genre to mainstream recognition, earning herself the title of "Queen of Tejano Music." During the 1987 Tejano Music Awards, Selena snagged both the "Best Female Vocalist of the Year" and "Performer of the Year" awards. It was quite an remarkable feat for the young performer, as Tejano music had long been a largely male-dominated genre, according to Rolling Stone. Her 1990 album, Ven Conmigo, would become the first Tejano record to go gold after selling more than 500,000 copies, and she later took home a Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American album in 1994 for her album Live.

In spite of only being in the entertainment industry for a short period of time, Selena continues to be one of the most celebrated Latina entertainers of the modern era. Her celebrity seems to have transcended time, because she's continued to grow into an iconic symbol of pop culture both inside and outside of the Latinx community. Her 2016 MAC Cosmetics collection literally sold out within minutes of its release and currently holds the title as the brand's best-selling collection of all time — and that was 21 years after her 1995 death.

One of the most influential artists of the generation, Selena is said to have left a lasting impression on many celebrities who have considered her to be an inspiration, including Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Paulina Rubio, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and even Beyoncé, who once told People en Español in 2007, that she "listened to Selena all the time” as she dreamed of one day becoming a star.

Jennifer Lopez notably portrayed the songstress in Selena, a biographical film about her life and career. The movie, which was released in 1997, would prove to be Lopez's breakout role as she would (at the time) become the highest paid Latina in film history, pulling in $1 million for the gig. Selena would also serve as the inspiration for Lopez's foray into the music industry.

Selena's influence would also reach into other realms of entertainment besides music. Eva Longoria, an actor who also credits Selena as one of the great motivators in her life and career, will also be on hand for the "Selena Day" celebration, along with several members of the late singer's family, according to E! News. Last year, Longoria honored Selena in a heartfelt Instagram post after learning that they'd both be receiving stars during the same year.

Selena's life was cut short when she was tragically gunned down by the president of her fan club in March 1995. Despite only living 23 years, Selena Quintanilla's aspirations of becoming a superstar have continued to prosper more than two decades after her death. The forthcoming star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is just the latest proof that Selena's undying spirit will remain with us forever.