Sephora Is Having One Of Its Biggest Sales Of The Year — But It's Ending Super Soon

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Say Sephora three times in a mirror, and a BeautyBlender appears. Okay, that may not be true. However, when you say Sephora VIB Sale, a couple of cosmetic hungry shoppers will probably pop up around you. The biannual sale at one of beauty's biggest retailers gives customers a 15 percent (or 10 percent) off discount to all of the store's goods, and if you've been into a Sephora lately, you know that in order to shop until your heart is content, you'll for sure need a discount.

Sephora's VIB sale began on Apr. 13 for VIB Rouge members. These Sephora shoppers are the most elite because of just how much they spend at the store. Those who qualify for Rouge status are spending $1000 or more per year at the retailer. They've got early access to all of the store's products during the very beginning of the Beauty Insider sale.

Then, comes the deal for VIB members at Sephora. These Insiders have spent $350 or more (but not over $1000), and they'll start shopping Apr. 20 with a 15 percent off discount as well. The lowest level of Beauty Insider members will also start their shopping sprees on Apr. 20 and will receive 10 percent off.

But when do the Sephora Spring 2018 Beauty Insider sale end?

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According to popular beauty Instagram account Trendmood as well as a news announcement from Sephora itself, the sale will end for all members of the Beauty Insider program (regardless of their tier) on Apr. 23. That means those who want to stock up on new goods or replace a few expensive empties needs to move fast. Your 15 percent is only good for a few more days.

The deals have been truly split up into two different weekends. The first was from Apr. 13 until Apr. 16. It was this sale that gave only VIB Rouge members access to a coupon code for 15 percent off. You may be wondering why they get their own weekend, but it's because early access to the site and its inventory is one of the perks of being at the highest tier of membership. What's so special about that?

Think about Black Friday. Sephora's VIB sale is basically Black Friday for makeup, skin care, and hair. By giving VIB Rouge members early access to the site, they've got more chance of snagging popular products like bestsellers Tatcha's The Water Cream or Silk Canvas Primer just in case they sell out during the next weekend's round of deals.

While that VIB Rouge early access may be over, this weekend is when most people will really start shopping. From Apr. 20 until Apr. 23 any member of the Beauty Insider community can shop the sale, including those Rouge members who were granted early access, VIBs, and Beauty Insiders. The only difference among these three tiers? Insiders will be available to shop alongside Rouge and VIB members for only 10 percent off, not 15.

That means if you want to get in on some of the best products in the Sephora Spring 2018 VIB Sale, you need to start making your list. Anyone signed up for the retailer's rewards program will more than likely begin their shopping sprees this weekend which means you've got some competition to get your must-have items before the official end of the sale on Apr. 23.

Given that the sale is once a year, it's time to get out your credit card (and your Beauty Insider card) and start adding items to your cart. This sale is can't miss, but you've only got a few days left.