Fans Are Worried About Kristin Cavallari's Business On Her New Reality Show

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Launching a business is hard work, even when you’re a celebrity. Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James brand is expanding from jewelry to home goods (and then some), and on Very Cavallari, viewers see her journey to create her very own empire. The only problem? Kristin’s staff doesn’t seem to be getting along much, and if this discord lasts, it could tank her whole brand. Really, Shannon and Brittainy's relationship onVery Cavallari needs to change as soon as possible, because the way they’re acting now is super unprofessional.

Part of getting up and going to work every day means encountering people that you’re not going to like. It’s just a fact of adulthood. Shannon has been working for Uncommon James as the company’s social media director, and Brittainy, according to the show, has been newly hired as the Brand Manager. It seems like Brittainy was hired to keep Shannon in line, since, for a social media professional, she forgets to post on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram a whole lot. Kristin wants Brittainy to flex her muscles and get Shannon to, you know, do what she was paid to do, and Shannon has been pushing against Brittainy because Brittainy is new, and how dare she ask Shannon to do anything? Yes, we are in for a long season of this.

It all comes to a head — two episodes in — when Brittainy and Shannon are helping Kristin move into their new office space and Shannon is setting up some sort of… communal table space? With pictures and globes and stuff? I wasn’t sure what the whole point of it was (someone said “team togetherness”), but because Brittainy didn’t like it, Shannon took all of the things on the table and threw them — yes, threw them — into a bin on the floor. Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it. Throwing a tantrum is so unprofessional, and what if this had happened in front of customers?This is a real business, after all.

There is a modicum of happy ending here, though — or at least the glimmer of potential understanding. After a fight with her boyfriend, Shannon called Brittainy who came and picked her up, took her home, and they even had a nice little talk about relationships and how they can (maybe) get along better. Shannon even admitted in an on-camera interview that maybe she just didn’t like Brittainy because she doesn’t like to be told what to do. Is this the beginning of a beautiful friendship? Or at least a détente? Only time will tell.

While all of this quote-unquote drama is great for television making, if the Shannon-and-Brittainy standoff gets worse, Kristin, our benefactor, may have to step in. Worse, Jay Cutler, Kristin’s recently retired quarterback husband, may have to scold the employees. (At least it would give him something to do instead of watching feeds of deer roaming other properties nearby. Seriously.) This sort of cattiness and fighting is not just hard to watch, but it could also hurt the business that Kristin is working so hard to build. First, it’s forgetting to label boxes and forgetting to post to Instagram, but then it’s bigger mistakes that lose customers and tarnish a reputation. It's really not a good look.

Fans Seemed To Agree

Of course, Kristin is an alum of two reality shows — Laguna Beach and The Hills — so she knows how to bring people in to create good television. But she likely also hired them for their actual skills and interest in her company, and that should definitely come first. Of course, good drama always means a good show. But in this case a good show could mean bad for business.