Read This Before You Buy A KKW Contour Kit On eBay

While Kylie Jenner may have Kylie Cosmetics, big sister Kim Kardashian West is carving out her place in the beauty world with her internet-breaking face products. The KKW Contour & Highlight Kits have officially sold out for a second time and it may have some fans pondering other, less official places to get the kits. If you're wondering if you should buy the KKW Contour & Highlight Kits on eBay, you may want to weigh the possible outcomes.

There's no doubt that the KKW Beauty Contour & Highlight Kits are a highly-sought after item. Even if you initially thought the debut sell-out was a fluke, the restock's quick depletion is proof that these beauties are a must-have for many. The FOMO of not snagging a kit may be weighing heavily on beauty junkies and Kim K fans, but before you head over to eBay for a kit, consider the source.

Kits sold on the official KKW Beauty website are 100 percent verified, obviously. They're real. However, once you head over to eBay, there's a real chance that those gorgeous "KKW Beauty" contour sticks for sale are fakes.

Not only are you not guaranteed an authentic product if you purchase on eBay, you'll also probably end up paying far more than the original price. On the KKW Beauty website, the kits retail for $48. Currently, bids on Ebay are ranging anywhere from $60 to $130.

Most importantly of all, Kardashian West is not going to disappoint her fans. While one restock has sold out, there's no reason another won't be coming along soon. If you adore KKW, what better way to support her and ensure that more is to come from KKW Beauty than shopping directly from the source herself?

While no KKW Beauty restock has been announced as of press time, a little patience and some luck may just land you a contour kit in the near future. After all, these kits aren't limited edition and only the beginning of the KKW Beauty empire.

While the FOMO of not having a KKW Contour Kit may be real, snagging an authentic product is a feeling that can't be replicated on eBay. Patience is a virtue, beauty lovers!