Siri Is Ready For Super Bowl 51 & She'll Answer Every Question You Have About It

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Super Bowl 51 is just a few days away, which means it's time to start making plans about where and how you'll be watching the game (if you haven't already). And if you've got an Apple device with Siri capabilities, it's easier than ever to get the deets for this year. In fact, simply ask Siri about the Super Bowl and the digital assistant will tell you pretty much everything you need to know. Siri holds a wealth of knowledge about sports (and pretty every other topic in the universe), and is just as excited about the Super Bowl as nearly every other American sports fan. So if Siri wasn't already your best friend, she will be now.

There's also some exciting news for people who have Apple TV: Apple TV users can actually use Siri to tune directly into the game. In case you don't already know, Apple TV is a essentially a media player that lets you stream music and videos from your iPhone or iPad straight onto your television. You can also play games and, of course, talk to Siri. For Super Bowl Sunday, it only takes a couple of seconds to request information about the game from Siri. You can learn team stats, play sports trivia games, and find out basic facts about the Super Bowl.

If you've had an iPhone for a while, you've probably chatted with Siri at some point, whether it was to check the weather or look up your favorite song without manually opening a mobile music player. Chatting with Siri about the Super Bowl is relatively easy. Whenever you're ready, press the Home button at the bottom of your iPhone (or just say, "Hey Siri," if you have the "Hey Siri" feature enabled and your phone is plugged in) and ask whatever you like. If you want her to put the game up on your Apple TV, for example, just say, "Watch the Super Bowl." Be sure to speak loud and clear so that Siri understands you (otherwise, you may have to repeat yourself). If you've done it right, those exact same words should appear on your iPhone screen:

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Since it's not quite Sunday yet, for now when you give that specific request, the main information that you'll get is the schedule, the players, and the television channel you should tune into (that's Fox). Once game day rolls around, though, it should only take a couple of seconds for Siri to provide you with all the Super Bowl glory you could ever want.

For Super Bowl 51, the New England Patriots — who won the American Football Conference — are playing the Atlanta Falcons, this year's National Football Conference champion. Super Bowl Sunday kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Feb. 5.

Here's what the screen will look like with all of those details:

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Like I mentioned earlier, the cool thing is that Siri's pretty knowledgeable about all things related to the Super Bowl. You can ask her pretty much any question related to Super Bowl history, the Atlanta Falcons, the New England Patriots, and specific players on either team (like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady), and she'll likely know the answer.

For instance, you can ask Siri to make a prediction about, "Who's going to win the Super Bowl?"

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Siri will even tell you specifics about the Falcons and the Patriots. For instance, try asking her, "Who is the coach for the New England Patriots?" When I tried asking her that, Siri took an extra step further as to provide me with a full roster of players, along with their team numbers and positions:

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Thanks, Siri! How thoughtful.

And, of course, Siri also knows who's headlining the Super Bowl halftime show this year (along with what television channel you should tune into):

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Other questions you can ask Siri about the Super Bowl include, "What college did Tom Brady play for?" and "What is the New England Patriots' record?" and even "Who won the Super Bowl last year?"

Regardless of what your plans are for the Super Bowl this year, you'll want to bring Siri along for the game.