Skittles Has A New Pink Pack — But It's Only Here For The Summer


I'm not one to be picky, especially when it comes to Skittles. They're the most perfect bite-size, refreshingly fruity candy on the market and there's tons of options if you're looking to switch things up. Skittles just released a pink pack as part of their Summer Splash line, and I'm already obsessed.

The limited-time offering is as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious. The bright-pink wrapper is stuffed full of delicious new flavors like blue raspberry, watermelon, kiwi banana, orange, and strawberry (so basically, it's a fruit salad, which makes it healthy, right?). Although I haven't gotten my packs yet (BRB, ordering them ASAP), they're said to taste deliciously refreshing, according to Elite Daily. My body is ready. Ready to order yours, too? As of now, the packs are exclusively available at Dollar General stores, according to Spoon University.

When it comes to creating magical concoctions, this isn't the first time Skittles has totally blew my mind away. Skittles are clearly experts when it comes to creating delicious new treats. This past March, they blessed us with Sweet Heat Skittles, which have the perfect amount of kick. They also teamed up with Taco Bell to create the heavenly Skittles Strawberry Freeze drink so you can wash down your Summer Splash skittles with a refreshing, ice-cold beverage.

If you're craving more bright-colored snacks and sweets just in time for summer, you're in luck. I've compiled a list of my favorite bright-colored bites so you can enjoy them, too:


The Pixar Pier Parfait At Disneyland

Next time you happen to hit up Disneyland, you need to stop by Pixar Pier and try the signature parfait. It's basically a Dole Whip but with lemon instead of pineapple. The refreshing treat will keep you cool even on the hottest, most crowded days at the park and is made with lemon soft serve and sweet blue raspberry swirl. Drink up!


Rosé Cookie Dough

The ultimate power dessert? Rosé. Cookie. Dough. Summer Water and DŌ in NYC teamed up to create edible cookie dough made with actual rosé... so it is now acceptable to ~actually~ rosé all day long. Pair yours with a bottle of Summer Water for the ultimate happy hour.


Baked By Melissa + Ample Hills Creamery

Baked by Melissa's signature tie-dye bite-sized cupcakes are truly in a category of their own, and I dare you NOT to eat an entire 25-pack full (oops). However, the treats are completely revamped when transformed into ice cream. Baked by Melissa and Ample Hills creamery teamed up to create The Summer of Love flavor — a sweet cream base PACKED with the rainbow cupcakes. It's the perfect makeover for summer, with the same signature cupcakes mixed with refreshing ice cream!


Rainbow Donut from Happy Place Donuts

Happy Place Donuts in Miami is the brainchild of Sugar Factory founder Charissa Davidovici, so I already knew their sweets would be off the charts. Sugar Factory is known for their OTT desserts, and honestly I couldn't be more obsessed. To me, no dessert is too much (for better or for worse!). So it's no surprise my latest food-crush is Happy Place Donuts' signature rainbow donut. TBH I'd book a trip to Miami just for this baby.


Industry Kitchen's Pop Candy Land Pizza

Would this be dinner or dessert? I don't know but I don't care I just know I need this in my mouth, STAT. Industry Kitchen's most coveted and colorful dish is stealing the hearts of thousands (including my own). It's also earned itself the nickname Unicorn Pizza, which couldn't be more fitting. The giant rainbow cookie is topped with multicolored sprinkles and piled high with melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy. It's truly a magical experience (sorry, not sorry).


Dominque Ansel's What-A-Melon Soft Serve

I'm a watermelon fanatic, so obviously I needed to include this amazing soft serve that everyone and their mothers seem to be Instagramming. They literally are serving watermelon flavored soft serve in an actual watermelon...can you get more fresh than that? If you don't get it for yourself, get it for the 'gram. Also, no judgement if you pour the new Summer Splash Skittles onto your soft serve for a fun twist on classic sprinkles.

The Summer Splash Skittles are the classic summer treat: They're bright, bold, refreshing, and fruity. They also happen to pair great with any of the above bright-colored sweets, so why not kill two birds with one stone and enjoy two coveted summer snacks at once? Win-win.


Editor's note: this piece was updated on June 27.