You'll Be Able To Make Your Water Taste Like Skittles Soon

God, chewing is rough — if only there was an easier way to get your favorite candy straight into your stomach without all of that work of moving your jaw up and down and up and down. Oh wait — you can. Pretty soon, you'll be able to drink your Skittles, thanks to Skittles Singles to Go, little sachets of magical dust that you mix with water for Skittle-y goodness.

Instagrammer @JunkFoodMom spotted these little tubes of joy at the Sweets & Snacks Expo that took place in Chicago on May 21 through May 23. “Coming soon,” the post reads. “New Skittles Singles to Go. Little tubes of flavored powder that you mix in a standard sized bottle of water.” Per the image, they come with the tagline "Drink the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow" and will be available in the classic Skittle flavors of Strawberry, Orange, Green Apple, and Grape. Obviously, the Strawberry flavor will the best because of truth and science.

Bustle reached out to a Skittles rep to confirm the existence of these packets, and they are, in fact, on the way — and while there isn't a firm release date for them yet, people can expect to see them hit shelves in summer 2019.

There's no way to tell just yet how much this water will taste like the real deal, but if you find water is just too boring and that chewing Skittles is just too much work, then Skittles water might just sound like a childhood dream come true. Also, per @JunkFoodMom's post, they'll be sold in boxes of 40 — which means there will be a lot of Skittles flavored-water in your future.

Although candy-flavored water may seem like a step beyond, there's no denying that there are so many different ways to drink fancy water these days. Whether you're looking for a non-alcoholic cocktail alternative or you just like classy seltzers galore, there is certainly no shortage of options. While most of won't be going for the Victoria Beckham-level of fancy (hello, moon water), you can certainly find a refreshing summer drink that matches your tastebuds. Poland Spring's seltzer comes in fun flavors like White Peach Ginger or, if you're a real sparkling water diehard, you may want to check out Ugly Drinks' delivery service, which will get your favorite beverages right to your door. But perhaps the most on-trend 2019 options are the Recess CBD & adaptogen-infused seltzers, which are basically begging to be Instagrammed so you can prove that you embody peak millennial even in your beverage choice. Seriously, there are so many different ways to stay hydrated this summer — and that's without even getting into the ten million different LaCroix flavors.

Does candy water sound like something you made up as a kid that just involved leaving M&Ms in water over night and hoping for the best? Yes it does, because that's literally what I did as a child — and it failed miserably. But Skittles Singles To Go packets seem to be a slightly more well thought through endeavor. You might just be drinking the rainbow before you know it.