Twitter Could NOT Get Enough Of Grocery Store Joe During The 'Men Tell All'

ABC/Paul Hebert; Kate Coyne/Twitter

During Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette, most of Becca Kufrin's "exes" returned for the Men Tell All special. There were a lot of petty fights to entertain (and annoy) the viewers, but Twitter just couldn't get enough of Grocery Store Joe during the Men Tell All.

He was only on Becca's season of The Bachelorette for one night, but he captured the hearts of the viewers. Week after week, the fandom tweeted about him. Usually when a beloved contestant gets eliminated, Twitter users blow up lamenting the loss but by the next episode, the viewers are onto the next trend. Joe the Grocer kept on trending every single week.

Of course, he was asked to appear on the Men Tell All episode. Yes, he didn't have much to tell since his Bachelorette experience was very brief, but everyone wanted to see him even if he didn't have much to say.

Thankfully, Joe was just as endearing during his sit-down with Chris Harrison as he was he was during Night 1 of the season. He even seemed a little bit uncomfortable with the onslaught of attention he's received. Ironically enough, his uneasiness with the attention garnered even more attention.

This man could breathe and the fandom would be into it. The viewers had a lot to say in response to last night's episode.


He Got The Loudest Cheers

When host Harrison introduced all of the returning contestants at the start of the show, each of them got a reaction from the crowd. Most of them got a polite applause from the audience members, but the energy was elevated when Joe was mentioned.


He Exudes BDE

If anyone on that sound stage had BDE, fans think it's Grocery Store Joe. (And probably Chris Harrison, but out of all of the contestants, Joe is exuding some strong BDE.)


He May Have Got The Best Edit

With so many problematic contestants this season, it may have been in Joe's best interest to only appear on one actual episode of the show. He didn't get enough time to do something embarrassing or offensive, so, of course, everyone loves him.


He's So Normal

In a room full of aspiring social media influencers, it's so refreshing to just see a normal guy on that stage.


He Revived The Show

He didn't have a lot to say, but he definitely brought enjoyment to the viewers in between the petty fights about insignificant issues.


He Was The Reason To Watch

Nothing ever really happens during the Men Tell All episode. Most of the beloved men were just booted from the show, so they weren't very missed, but it had been way too long since the fans saw Grocery Store Joe. He was definitely the reason to tune in.


He Even Has Jordan As A Fan

Jordan got heated with almost every Bachelorette contestant, but he threw a "What's up?" in Joe's direction. At that point, it seemed like Jordan is only a fan of Jordan, so if even he is on board with Grocery store Joe, then that says a lot.


He Converted The Non-Believers

Even the people who did not get the hype after Episode 1 couldn't help falling for Joe after his Men Tell All appearance.


He Didn't Have To Say Much

Even though he is a many of very few words, he still made a great impression. The thoughts he did share were conveyed with a strong (yet adorable) Chicago accent.


He Always Manages To Impress

He is America's favorite contestant. He just sat there with his fresh summer tan, a grin on his face, and very few words. Joe can do no wrong in the eyes of the fandom.


He Had Everyone Tweeting Up A Storm

With so many people tweeting about the loss of Grocery Store Joe throughout the season, there were plenty of fans who were disappointed when their tweets didn't get shown during the Men Tell All special.

Grocery Store Joe had one of the best Bachelorette experiences out of all the contestants. He got nothing but love from the viewers. He didn't get his heart broken. He didn't do anything embarrassing. He really was the highlight of Monday night's episode.