Snug Shack Are Selling A Sofa In A Box & It's Gonna Solve ALL Of Your Moving Woes

Anybody who has decorated a home will tell you that one of the biggest decisions you have to make is what sofa to get. You will spend months and months umming and ahhing trying to find one that looks nice with the current decor but will adapt well to anything different, feels contemporary but completely classic, and is comfy but not ugly. By the time you have actually chosen one you like there are all kinds of extra issues, but y'all this Snug Shack's sofa in a box is about to change everything.

You heard me, sofa in a box. Like I said, choosing a sofa is one of life's great stresses and the issues I am talking about are not only decision making, financial issues, nor fabrics. You also have to wait several weeks to get said sofa, and if you have ever lived in a flat with narrow stairs, you know that getting the flipping thing in is a deciding factor. That's where your new best friends Snug Shack come in, with sofas that tick all of your convenience, style, logistics, and boxes at once. So you will be Snug Shack as a bug shack in a rug shack. Woah.

Anyhow, what is so revolutionary about this sofa? I mean you can pop to any old shop and get a sofa right? Well not really. Apart from the cost involved, you have to wait for that six weeks on average for the sofa to be made. Or maybe you will go the cheaper route and get a flatpack one, but as many now broken up couples or people in the cheap white wine aisle will tell you, this is not worth it.

The Snug Shack sofa in a box is just that. You order it online and within three days, it arrives at your home, in boxes that are ideally sized for the average (aka tiny) space of most properties. OK but what kind of ratchet AF sofa comes in a box I hear you ask? Well guys, this sofa is not only convenient but also flipping gorgeous. It comes in three different colours: mid grey, dark grey, and teal, and you can even personalise it further with two mid-century modern tapered leg colours, plain black and brown wood effect. Oh and clumsy eaters/drinkers/dog and or children owners worry not as they are upholstered in stain resistant easy care fabric. As well as the sofa, there is a corresponding foot stool available meaning your seating situation is going to be as stylish and chill as you are babes.

OK now, if you are me you are probably having a Zoolander moment. Like how the hell are we supposed to sit on these tiny sofas?!

Y'all they are not tiny, they comfortably sit three. That's a person per minute it takes to put the sofa together. Yep, in a mere three minutes, three butts will comfortably be sitting on this sofa that you got into the house with very little effort and precisely zero tools. Leaving you to spend your time marathon watching something on your brand new Snug Shack sofa. And if you want to move the party somewhere else? The sofa actually fits in an uber. This is not a drill.


The Snugshack sofa costs £899 including delivery, the footstool is £299 including delivery, and you have 100 days to decide whether you want to keep it or not. The sofa and stool are available for pre order now but will be launching on March 4.