This 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Song Is So Important

Tyler Golden/The CW

Rebecca got a crash course in motherhood on Friday night's episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and one song proved she still has a lot of learning to do. "So Maternal," wherein Rebecca feigned maternal know-how, was a Bruno Mars-like song that proved Rebecca needs to grow up. Thinking that a few podcasts and some vague knowledge about what activities are appropriate for kids could be of some help to her while babysitting Paula's son, Tommy, things took a turn from weird to wild very quickly. In the end, Rebecca's inability to properly babysit Tommy served as a small-scale example of her willful ignorance of reality in favor of wild and unrealistic solutions to problems.

In the song, Rebecca sings about how easy it is to raise a child. While chopping up Tommy's homework and making him a burrito with an unpeeled banana, it became clear very quickly that Rebecca was woefully unprepared for motherhood, let alone knowing how to care for a child. Tommy threw Rebecca some curveballs: as a pre-teen boy who would rather interact with strangers on Instagram and look at dirty magazines (as boys that age are wont to do), he managed to make plain that Rebecca has some maturing that she needs to accomplish.

Tyler Golden/The CW

After bragging about how easy it is to raise a child, Rebecca thought she could simply plop Tommy in front of the television for an entire Saturday and that would be okay. But after running into Josh while at the supermarket, Rebecca made the awful decision to get Tommy a fake I.D. so she and Tommy could stalk Josh at a night club. It was yet another bad Rebecca idea in the pantheon of bad Rebecca ideas. It wasn't difficult to predict that Rebecca would inevitably lose him in the crowded night club after she tried to avoid Josh and his girlfriend, Anna, but ducking out of sight and away from Tommy.

It's been clear for a long while now that Rebecca is shunning her problems and eschewing confronting her deep-seated maturity and mental health issues in favoring of blindly pursuing drastic solutions to her problems. She has slowly been changing her approach to problem solving although she's had major helping hands from others. "So Maternal" only proves that Rebecca can no longer continue to take the easiest route possible to solving her problems. It's untenable.

Tyler Golden/The CW

Between accidentally letting Tommy buy dirty magazines and losing him in a night club, Rebecca wasn't really cut out for babysitting and she is definitely not ready to become a mother any time soon. While her adventures with Tommy proved to be a wake-up call, there's no way to tell for certain whether Rebecca will be able to get out of her own way long enough to see that she needs to fundamentally assess how she handles her very adult problems.