Solange's Snapchat Features Cool Previews

by Daniela Cabrera
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is Solange Knowles' year. The talented younger sister of Beyoncé always ran the risk of being stuck in the shadows of her older, superstar sibling, but with time and patience, she has emerged as a creative force on her own. Solange's album, A Seat At The Table, garnered her first Grammy nomination and win for her song "Cranes in the Sky," and it is going to get more difficult to ignore this brilliant artist's upcoming projects. Now that she's poised to be a star herself, people might be wondering how to keep up with Sol themselves. Personally, I wonder what Solange's Snapchat name is, since this is one of the best ways to keep tabs on our favorite artists nowadays.

Just a few days ago, fans learned that Beyoncé might have a Snapchat of her own. Everyone rightfully freaked out, but it seems like Bey might be keeping her account private for a while. As for her younger sis, Solange's Snapchat name is nappyandsnappy, which is clever and amazing, just like her.

Solange announced her Snapchat name in a now-deleted Instagram post, where she confessed that she used it very secretly but now wanted to "control the narrative" instead of just popping up on her friend's snaps. She wrote, according to Blavity,

"I guess hang out if you wanna see studio sessions, writing jams, making sh*t, annoying people in meetings, trolling my sweet son and husband, and dancing and humming my way through life. my name is "nappyandsnappy."

Well, she pretty much spelled out exactly what people can expect when they follow her on Snapchat, and she has lived up to that promise. This past summer, Solange celebrated her birthday with Beyoncé, and documented some of their sweet moments together on her Snapchat.

Since Solange is very close to her sister, you can expect Bey to make a few surprise appearances. And any place where Beyoncé appearances are expected is a good place to be, to be honest. While she was recording her album A Seat At The Table, Solange used her Snapchat as a way to share teasers of her upcoming music. She also posted a clip of an upcoming music video:

If you want to follow Solange beyond her personal account, she also posts on her label Saint Heron's Snapchat, which is, simply, "saint.heron."

With both of these accounts, you will be completely immersed in Solange's world. She's definitely got some amazing things cooking, and you've got your front row ticket to all the action.