Beyoncé Might Have Snapchat, You Guys

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Queen has risen once again — on Snapchat. Following the recent (and sad) news that Beyoncé will not be headlining this year's Coachella (due to her giving birth to the next greatest philosophers of our time), fans will be happy to know that they can get more Bey. If the singer's Instagram is to be believed, Beyoncé might have a Snapchat. Which raises the all-important question: What's Bey's Snapchat name? Let's investigate.

Bey has possibly joined the ranks of many impressive celebrity Snap users — included but not limited to previous FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. This is the first time Bey has posted anything of this nature to her social media accounts, so as one can imagine, it's kind of a big deal. Does Bey really have Snap? And if so, is it public? What's her go-to filter? Does she face swap with Blue Ivy only once a day, or multiple times a day? Is Hova on board? Wait, what's Hova's go-to filter? (I'm willing to bet it's the puppy ears.) All these questions — and more — I shall pose.

But first, please view a photo, presumably taken from Bey's Snap (but possibly someone else's — more on that in a sec) of her and 5-year-old Blue Ivy. It looks like the Snap was taken at the NBA All Star Game in New Orleans, just a few days ago.

Bey attended the game with Blue and her husband, Jay Z. Of course, the three of them together, along with the two current Knowles-Carter children currently in utero, were the real MVPs... of adorableness. (Sorry.)

Since it appears that it was only three (if you don't count the babies) of them at the game, there are only three possibilities (if you believe that the babies probably don't have cell plans). Either Jay Z has a private Snap that Beyoncé was borrowing, Blue Ivy has a private Snap and wanted to show her mom the deer filter, or Beyoncé has a private Snap and has been hiding it from us this whole time.

The problem is that I have no idea what Bey's Snapchat name could be, which means we can't follow her. Which means we can't be privy to more facets of her life. Which means I'll never get to see a behind-the-scenes look at her pregnancy announcement photoshoot. Or any further ones to come.

So, until the day Bey announces whether or not she has a Snapchat, and what her Snapchat name is, hang tight. Or just keep looking at her Instagram. It's gotten us this far.