Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' Wedding Was Every Bit As Glam As You'd Expect — PHOTO

by Aoife Hanna
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hey Joe Jonas fans, time to let go of that teenage crush for good. Yes guys, what your 14-year-old self dreaded has happened and they have got hitched. Thankfully, as adults, we can all be happy for the pair, right? Also guys, technically they already got married. As we all saw from that Diplo live stream. So I guess this time round they were (rightly so) a bit keen to be super in control of any photos from their big day. And guys Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' France wedding photo is about as gorgeous as you can imagine.

Love is real and it is right here in this photo. The pair are pictured prancing down the aisle, happy as pigs in the proverbial. There are more expensive flowers than you could shake a stick at. Yes, it wasn't a trip down ALDI for this pair. I imagine the flowers alone could potentially be what the average Londoner pays annually in rent. There appears to be a lot of petals being thrown. If I was there I would definitely be pocketing a few of those.

Obviously the steez is on point. Yes, the two of them are decked out to the nines in garms that quite literally, weren't off the rack.

As Harpers Bazaar reports, Turner's dress is a seriously stunning long-sleeve gown by Louis Vuitton. As creative director of the iconic brand, Nicolas Ghesquière was so delighted with the final product that he posted it on his Instagram earlier that day.

Jonas looked smart AF in a dark suit and bowtie and dare I say it, but the pair made for a bit of an iconic bride and groom. Which seems appropriate considering the nuptials between Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. I mean will you ever recover from that veil? Nope, me neither.

According to E! Online, Turner and Jonas big day took place in the South of France in a venue really fit for celebrity royalty. The Château du Martinay in Carpentras was the place they chose to have the wedding and, of course, probably lots of photos taken. But as for most people, it is not just about the wedding, but the party too. Hell yes, let's get some drinks and snacks in am I right?

The after party was held at the Château de Tourreau in Sarrians, where according to E! Online, they were staying for the big weekend. And was it gourmet all the way? Well seemingly not quite because according to a source that spoke to the outlet, the canapés were more like finger foods, including French fries, burgers, and chicken fingers. Could you actually imagine the French chef's face? LOL.

This was their main celebration, but the rock n roll pair famously got married in Las Vegas in a top secret ceremony that actually became not so secret. Why? Because it was live streamed by DJ Diplo. Who they might have been a bit miffed at but seemingly they have moved on since he was at the real celebration. Although he only shared a photo of his outfit this time round, revealing they had confiscated his phone for the event. Fair enough.