Sophie Turner Spoiled The 'Game Of Thrones' Ending For A *Very* Select Few People

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HBO executives, avert your eyes now, because it seems that Sophie Turner revealed the Game of Thrones ending to a few select friends. With your average TV show, that might not seem like a huge deal, but when the show in question has been known to deploy drones to avoid spoilers, an actor casually telling some of her pals how the Westeros drama wraps up is pretty bold. But to her credit, Turner knows she has a problem with spoiler-dropping, as she explained in her new interview with W.

It seems this isn't the first time that the actor who plays Sansa Stark has shared spoilers. When she was asked if she was scared of accidentally revealing details about the final season, Turner said, "Terrified. I'm so bad at keeping secrets. I don't think people tell me things anymore because they know that I can't keep them. I've already told the ending of Game of Thrones to a few people."

Who are these few people? And exactly how many are a "few"? These are questions that Turner sadly didn't answer, but she seems certain that fans won't be getting the secret out of her trusted loved ones before the April 14 Season 8 premiere. She also clarified that she was sober when she made the big revealed. "I was like, 'Hey, if you want to know, I’ll tell you.' But it's people that I know, not random people," Turner explained to the publication. "It's people that I know will keep the secret."

Given the sheer lengths that the Game of Thrones production team went to in order to keep Season 8 secrets from leaking, it's hilarious that Turner has shared the ending — even with trusted friends. She's likely not the only one of the actors who has shared the secret with family and friends, though. Never forget that her co-star Kit Harington once revealed that Jon wasn't permanently dead in order to get out of a speeding ticket. Still, as hard as Turner, Harington, and the rest of the cast have worked on the series, if anyone's earned the right to share how the show ends, it's them.

One person who almost definitely isn't on Turner's list of people who know about the ending is her fiancé, Joe Jonas. The singer has gone on record saying he's a fan of the show, and as a fan, he wants nothing to do with spoilers. In Oct. 2018, Jonas told Variety, "I don't want to know any spoilers. Sophie won't tell me and she knows if she told me I would be so heartbroken because I'm such a big fan of the show."

It sounds like Jonas will be just as in the dark as everyone else when the final season premieres — which could end up being torturous for Turner. Given her spoiler-dropping habits, she's sure to give her fiancé a knowing look or two when something dramatic is about to happen.

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Even though Turner has spilled Game of Thrones secrets to a few people in her life, they're proving to be way more trustworthy than Littlefinger. So far, if the ending has leaked, fans remain blissfully unaware. Luckily for Turner, she only has a few more months to go before everyone knows how Game of Thrones ends, and her spoiler-keeping days will be over for good.