Sophie Turner Shared A Sentimental B-Day Message For Joe Jonas & She Wasn't The Only One

by Parry Ernsberger
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Newlyweds are known for being particularly lovey-dovey in the period following their nuptials, but there's one celebrity couple, specifically, who seems like they've been in the honeymoon phase of their relationship all along. Sophie Turner's birthday post to Joe Jonas was incredibly sweet, no doubt about that. It also proves that they are totally and completely meant to be.

Turning 30 is a pretty big milestone. It's typically one of those birthdays that signifies a definitive shift into adulthood, but both Jonas and Turner have long-seemed mature beyond their years. Still, though, there's definitely cause for celebration, and Turner shouted out her husband's momentous occasion with a posted on Instagram that will warm your heart.

On Aug. 15, Turner shared a photo on her Instagram Story of Jonas looking serene while sitting at a table. The sunset sky behind him was absolutely picture perfect, with shades of pale pink, blue, and reds shining through. "Happy 30th to my love and the best thing that's ever happened to me," she captioned the shot. "@joejonas I love you," Turner mentioned at the end.

Turner also added a few choice stickers to the pic as well. One of them simply said "love you" in cursive with shining stars all around. The other was a cute little cupcake that had candles hilariously exploding in unison from the icing.

Turner wasn't the only one who wished Jonas a "Happy Birthday" on his big day. Both of Jonas' brothers, Nick and Kevin, posted special shoutouts for him, too. On Thursday, Nick shared a video on Instagram with a caption that read, "IT’s JOE’S BIRTHDAY! When we party we listen to dynamite obviously. In reality what other song is there?," he wrote, referencing 2009's "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.

The clip first showed Nick hilariously raising his eyebrows while "Dynamite" played in the background. "It's a party. Joe is 30," was splashed across the screen, and when the camera panned it showed Joe intently focusing on his phone while Turner quietly sang along to the song. Obviously, Nick was joking when he said it was "a party." Things definitely seemed pretty tame.

As for Kevin's post for Joe, the eldest Jonas brother shared a black and white pic of his little bro performing during a stop on their Happiness Begins tour. It's a pretty great shot — Joe looks like he just slid across the floor on his knees, and is kind of like, using the stand-up microphone as a make-shift guitar.

"Happy 30th birthday to this incredible dude!" Kevin captioned the pic. "@joejonas you are the man we love you so much now let’s play a show and party!!!!!"

Doesn't it seem like it was only yesterday that Joe and the rest of his brothers were baby-faced teen idols? My, how time flies. The new era of their career shows how much they've all grown, but it's still hard to believe that Joe just turned 30. Regardless of whether or not they *actually* decide to party-down in honor of his birthday, though, they've clearly got plenty of reasons to celebrate these days in general.