SpiritHoods x Care Bears Is The Perfect Festival Accessory

In the world of themed accessories and beauty products, the more whimsical, the more. From unicorns to mermaids, fairytale themes seem to be running rampant in everything from beauty to fashion. Now, SpiritHoods x Care Bears is the new, adorable accessory that you never knew you needed. While unicorn highlighters and Lisa Frank clothing may be all the rage for now, the Care Bears Spirit Hoods may be the next big thing to hit the whimsical trend train.

What exactly is a Care Bears SpiritHood, though? You've probably seen similar designs already even if you didn't realize it. The hoods are often seen at parties and festivals. They're exactly what you think. Hoods designed to resemble everything from unicorns to foxes, only now, they're Care Bears. Along with the hoods — and ears —, the accessory features paws at the base of the hood that act as pockets for the wearer.

The Care Bear SpiritHoods are based on the popular pink Cheer Bear known for her upbeat and positive attitude. The other hood is for Grumpy Bear, known for his more directness. The hoods are designed to help reflect your personality so which Care Bear hood you choose is totally up to you.

Grumpy Bear Collector Edition Spirit Hood, $119, Spirit Hood

If you want to snag one of the collector's edition Care Bears SpiritHoods, they are available now on the SpiritHood website with pre-sale orders beginning to ship on July 3. As for the price, these super cute hoods will cost Care Bears lovers $119.

Cheer Bear Collector Edition SpiritHood, $119, Spirit Hood

If you were concerned about the fur, don't be. The hoods are made of faux fur. Plus, these hoods are made in Los Angeles and 100 percent of the net proceeds go to help endangered species according to the website.

If you love a whimsical accessory or if you've just always loved the Care Bears, the new Care Bear SpiritHoods may just be your new summer must-have. Whether you're lounging in the house, headed out to a night time festival, or just want one for no reason at all — other than how cute they are — head over to the SpiritHoods website now.

Editor's Note: This post did not originally note that SpiritHoods has been under fire from Native People since its launch for cultural appropriation. You can read more about that here.