Starbucks Launched A Peach On The Beach Frapp With Actual Peach Pieces In It

Starbucks Japan

There's always another reason to visit Japan. As if the food, the culture, and the cherry blossoms weren't already tempting enough, this news might have you booking a ticket Tokyo — stat. In yet another move that proves Starbucks specials around the world tend to be as drool-worthy (or more) than what we get at home, there will be a Peach on the Beach Frappuccino coming to Starbucks Japan. And it's coming soon — you should be able to find this little summer-tinted beauty starting this Friday, July 19.

The Instagrammer CandyHunting, who doesn't miss a beat, announced that this peachy sensation would be hitting Starbucks Japan this week. "To all my Japanese followers: Starbucks is releasing new Peach on the Beach Frappuccinos this coming Friday, July 19!" the post says. "The drink contains white peach pieces, peach juice, peach puree, and peach sauce. The Frap will be out through August 29. Again, I will gladly trade a Tie-Dye Frappuccino for this."

Wow — trading the famous Tie-Dye Frappuccino? Them's fighting words. The Tie-Dye Frap has made a lot of waves in the United States, even though it was only announced last week and will only be around for a few days. But with real peach pieces, juice, puree, and sauce, it's easy to see why this would be a drink worth fighting for. Peach fans are a serious breed, indeed.

If you happen to be in Japan, then you definitely should take the opportunity to try it — and then start a petition demanding its U.S. debut as soon as possible. According to Matcha, this specialty Frappuccino will be available until Aug. 29, so it's definitely a limited-time offer you're going to want to make a move on. Things like this don't stay around for long — and this drink really has a summer vibe you won't want to miss.

Of course, it's not the only amazing Starbucks flavor that we've seen from Starbucks Japan — or around the world. Starbucks Japan currently has a Fermented Lemon Frappuccino on its site, which looks super refreshing and also incredibly trendy. Starbucks Japan was also the home of the Tiramisu Frappuccino, complete with actual sponge cake and custard inside. Pretending that that still qualifies as a drink rather than just a straight-up dessert is the kind of ridiculousness I can get behind.

Not to be outdone, Starbucks Canada got a Honeycomb Lavender Frappuccino (and latte option), which is an unusual and subtle twist on the normally sugar-tastic drinks. And, of course, some Latin American countries have been blessed with the Pink Flamingo Frappuccino, which not only looked a-MAH-zing, but also was strawberry-flavored and had a cookie crumble topping. But my favorite international Frappuccino of late had to be the Strawberry Donut Frappuccino in the UK — why? Actual donut crumbles. Inside. Inside of the Frappuccino. That was all I needed.

There are so many international Starbucks drinks out there that are worth salivating over, but it has to be said that the Peach on the Beach Frappuccino deserves bonus points for both its refreshing summer flavor and the fact that its name rhymes. That's just the law. I don't know if you have any plans to visit Japan this summer, but it's time to start Googling cheap last-minute deals — a peachy heaven awaits you.