Sterling K. Brown Is Making His 'SNL' Debut & Fans Couldn't Be More Excited

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; rachmeetsworld/Twitter

Sterling K. Brown is everywhere — whether that be playing America's favorite dad Randall on NBC's This Is Us, or more recently, narrating the 2018 Olympic opening ceremony. If you're feeling as though you can't get enough of seeing, or hearing, him all over your television screen, you're in luck. Brown is making his SNL debut soon, according to Entertainment Weekly, and who else is excited to see him rock the Studio 8H stage?

So far it's been announced that Brown will be hosting the sketch comedy show on Saturday, March 10, with the special guest performer scheduled to be James Bay. Brown will make his debut just after NBA legend and returning host Charles Barkley will bring the show back from its mid-winter hiatus on March 3. And accompanying Barkley will be special guest performers Migos. Actor, comedian, and former SNL cast member Bill Hader will make his return to the New York City stage after Brown on March 17, alongside side musical guest Arcade Fire. Needless to say, SNL is planning to come back strong, and if Brown's This Is Us role of Randall Pearson is a look into what fans can expect from the actor during his debut, his corny, yet hilarious, dad jokes will be the icing on top of a pretty exciting month.

Brown is stoked about his upcoming SNL appearance, too. And his Instagram post celebrating the new gig certainly has a bit of that aforementioned dad humor fans have grown to love from the actor.

In the post, shared Tuesday, Feb. 20, Brown wrote,

"This is truly a dream come true. I’ve watched @nbcsnl since I was a baby. To finally get to host is one of the more surreal moments of my life, but it’s gonna be awesome. #SKBSNL"

Sure, these days Brown is widely known for his warmhearted, family man role on the hit NBC show. The actor has a lot of other layers to him, however, and those who caught Brown's recent role in box office hit Black Panther totally know this to be true.

On the surface, Prince N'Jobu, played by Brown in the Feb. 16 release, has a little in common with America's beloved Randall Pearson. The royal, turned undercover war dog, is a loving father and will seemingly do anything to protect his child. There's just one thing — Prince N'Jobu is the father of King T'Challa's rival and (spoiler alert) long-lost cousin, Erik Killmonger, and as you may have already guessed, this is a far cry from the sweet and wholesome NBC dad. Pearson and N'Jobu's methodologies for keeping their families safe are definitely worlds apart, and it takes a brilliant actor to be able to deliver convincing performances in each of the roles.

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And just as with Randall Pearson, this Black Panther role could also hint at what fans can expect from Brown's SNL debut — the unexpected. When a multi-faceted actor such as Brown hits the sketch comedy stage, there's seriously no telling what kind of tricks will be pulled, and that's the most exciting part of this whole ordeal.

Fans all over social media couldn't hold back their many feelings of excitement when catching wind of the news, either. And bottom line: March 10 can't here fast enough.

Brown is literally everywhere, and fans are definitely not complaining about the actor popping up on the Saturday night staple. With this Golden Globe winner on the stage, you can bet that a laugh-cry worthy performance is on its way.

If Brown keeps this momentum up, fans can expect to see the talent gracing the screen for years to come, and honestly, that doesn't sound half bad.