Sterling K. Brown Narrated NBC’s Olympics Footage & ‘This Is Us’ Fans Are Loving It

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; OhBlahDee/Twitter

That comforting voice you hear welcoming you to the 2018 PyeongChang Games should sound familiar to TV fans. This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown is narrating NBC's Olympic opening ceremony footage, and Twitter is so here for it. It's hard to imagine a better narrator than the man who plays Randall Pearson. The Emmy winner makes viewers cry on a weekly basis, and Brown's talent is just as clear in his stirring narration about the athletes who are following their dreams at the Olympics.

For seven minutes, Brown narrates Always Start With the Dreams, the official name of this short film, according to Deadline. In a statement, co-producer Mark Levy praised the choice of Brown to introduce the games to the American audience. Levy told Deadline,

"Our opening film has become our signature Olympic welcome for the American audience, and it is an honor to have a performer of the caliber of Sterling K. Brown to bring it to life. This year's film centers on the theme of Olympic dreams, and is highlighted by the very best imagery our production team has collected over the months leading up to these Games."

As evidenced by the positive reaction on Twitter, having Brown discuss following your dreams was a wise decision. His beautiful voice has left social media buzzing over "Randall's" unexpected Olympics appearance. While the games mean This Is Us is taking a couple of weeks off, it's good to know that Brown is representing the Pearson family at the 2018 PyeongChang Games — and Twitter is taking it as a sign that there's nothing but good things to come for Team USA.

The Excitement Is Real

Brown's narration is only making viewers more hyped for the Winter Olympics. It's like an extra dash of unexpected awesome on an evening that's already full of exhilarating moments.

Brown Is Making People Reach For The Tissues

Normally, knowing the sound of your voice makes people sob wouldn't be a compliment, but in the case of Brown, it very much is. He adds so much emotion into every performance, whether he's bringing memorable TV characters to life or introducing some of the most gifted athletes in the world.

Everyone Is Having A This Is Us Moment

This Is Us is everywhere, and the internet is more than OK with that — especially when it means you can pretend that Randall is at the Olympics. Just imagine how much he would geek out if he got an invite, Beth would be both proud and making him rein it in right about now.

Brown's Fans Are So Proud Of Him...

It's beginning to feel like there's nothing that Brown can't do — act, narrate, generally be an amazing human being — he's a man of many talents, and the internet appreciates all of them.

But He's Also Reminding Them Of How Long They Have To Wait Until They Can See Randall Again

The Olympics are amazing and inspiring, but it's hard to go a week without This Is Us at this point. Everyone wants to enjoy the ice skating and curling, but what's going on with Randall, Beth, and Deja right now? The world needs answers.

On the bright side, there's nothing stop fans from listening to Brown's stirring narration on repeat until This Is Us returns on Feb. 27. Seriously, this is a no judgment zone, so listen to Randall telling you to chase your dreams as many times as you want.

Just when you thought nothing could make the games better, Brown offers some Emmy-caliber narration to ease you into what's sure to be an emotional ride. It's official; the Winter Olympics are off to an amazing start.