Flip Flops Are Officially Back In Style, So You Might As Well Buy These 'Stranger Things' Sandals

Courtesy of Havaianas

There are many ways to display your love for your favorite TV show through fashion. If you adore the Netflix series Stranger Things and are eagerly counting down the minutes until the Season 3 premiere on July 4, there's a fun way to celebrate. Stranger Things x Havaianas flip flops have arrived and you can show off your fandom on your feet. While you have probably already built a steady rotation of sneakers, sandals, and slides that you wear during pedicure season and in the summer, you need to put those shoes aside and rock these simple but stylish flip flops stat.

The Stranger Things Havaianas are currently on sale on the shoe brand's site. There are two styles available at $26 per pair. If it's in your budget, you may as well grab both pairs and wear them through Labor Day. The flip flops come in sizes 6 through 11/12 in women's and in sizes 8 through 13 in men's. As of press time, each pair is still in stock. But you don't want to delay since other Stranger Things diehards are very likely scoping out these shoes, too!

As Fashionista reported, flip flops are back in style. The sandals are a summer footwear staple that just got a whole heck of a lot cooler thanks to the Stranger Things details. If you've been putting off your biweekly pedicure, these flip flops just gave you all the reasons to hit your local salon and plop into the chair for a fresh coat of polish or a maybe even some Stranger Things-inspired nail art. Newly-pedicured toes and Stranger Things thongs are an excellent combo.

Stranger Things Blue Flip Flops

This pair features a navy blue base with white thongs. The footbed mimics a creepy night sky, while the silhouettes of the Stranger Things kids on their bikes and the instantly recognizable show logo dominate the design. You will keep Stranger Things close by when stepping into these shoes.

Stranger Things Black Flip Flops

The other option boasts a black base and toe thongs, along with graphics that nod to the show, its plots, and the town of Hawkins, Indiana. There's a police badge, a cassette tape, and more.

Each style is versatile and can be worn with any summer outfit from date night LBDs to board shorts to tattered denim cutoffs to your bathing suit. There really is no right or wrong way to rock them.

There are several other Stranger Things apparel and accessories collections available if you want to deck your wardrobe out in all things Dustin, Eleven, and more. The Nike x Stranger Things range features classic sneakers and sweats with Hawkins High branding. Levi's just dropped a full assortment of '80s-inspired jeans, tops, and hoodies that fit Season 3's setting of 1985. Several of the pieces will be worn by the characters during episodes of the show, too.

Ultimately, you have many options for demonstrating your fandom on your person, on your feet, and via your OOTD. You can add as much as or as little Stranger Things style to your summer and fall wardrobes. Many of these pieces are multi-season and can be worn long after you've binged the entire third season.