These Super Bowl Memes Will Make You Laugh Harder Than The Commercials

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/@HasBeenSports

The 2018 Super Bowl is just around the corner and there are plenty of things for everyone to be excited about. The Super Bowl food! The Super Bowl commercials! The Super Bowl sports! And of course, my sweet internet child, the Super Bowl memes. Who doesn’t love to kick back, relax, and root for their favorite sports meme? (Yes, hi, hello. That was my one, self-allotted sports pun. I hope I used it wisely.)

Regardless of whether the team you are rooting for wins or loses, or whether you favorite team is playing at all, we can all find a bit of joy in a meme-able sports moment. Before we delve into some funny tweets and memes to gear you up for Super Bowl LII, let’s take a walk down Super Bowl meme-ory lane. (Oops, sorry. I lied about only making one pun.)

Last year, Lady Gaga blessed us with an exceptionally meme-worthy Super Bowl halftime show. She descended from on high! She caught a football! She did a mic drop then jumped into who knows where! It was a performance of epic proportions, murdering the internet and then resuscitating the internet back to life again. Not that anyone would expect anything less from Queen Gaga herself.

During the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show, Beyoncé reminded us that she is, in fact, Beyoncé, forever defying gravity and never, ever falling. Katy Perry’s 2015 Super Bowl performance was essentially a meme brought to life. She literally flew across the stadium on a “The More You Know”-esque star.

Of course, it is virtually illegal to talk about Super Bowl memes without paying proper homage to our beloved Left Shark. Bryan Gaw, the man behind the genius that is Left Shark, recently gave a lighthearted and uplifting interview with NPR, reminding us once again why we so badly needed Left Shark in the first place.

This Super Bowl's memes and tweets had a lot to live up to, but you better believe they delivered. And if you are looking for ones that are truly epic, here are some of the best the internet has to get you started.

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Let's Get This Show Started

If you're only here for the Justin Timberlake halftime show, just know you're not alone.

Rooting For The Commercials


At least this way the home team always (kind of) wins.

A Handy Super Bowl Fact For You

If you're trying to brush up on your Super Bowl 2018 trivia, it's best to start simple. Like, who is playing? And when are they playing? And maybe also why?

Remember What *Really* Matters

And you thought the Super Bowl was going to be the only thing happening today.

The Super Bowl Commercial America Deserves

Necessary disclaimer: please, for the love of god, do not eat Tide pods. But, by all means, make all of your Super Bowl watch party foods Tide pod-inspired.

Birds Of A Feather

I have a feeling this one is going to be a hit with Patriots fans.

What Was The Name Of That City Again?

Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski may have absolutely no idea where the Super Bowl is being held this year. I do though. It's at the U.S. Band Stadium in Minneapolis. And, yes, I did just Google that.

It's Your Lucky Year, Sam the Eagle

I, for one, am rooting for Sam the Eagle.

The Real Winners

*dries tears with bank statement*

It's A Tie

Honestly, I'm just rooting for the snacks and commercials.

Nothing But Respect for MY Super Bowl

Can you even imagine what the halftime show would be.

Honestly, The Only Outcome To Root For

Anyone who eats their weight in cheese dip will be the true winner on Sunday.

Superb Owl


Ah, yes. Everyone's favorite Google search typo has yet again become everyone's favorite meme. What a superb owl indeed.

Meta AF

But actually...

The Only Game That Matters

Can't we all just be friends?

The Super Bowl might be the ultimate sports event of the year, but let's be honest — the memes are *truly* where it's at.