Super Bowl Memes That Both Pats AND Rams Fans Will Think Are Funny

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sunday's Super Bowl LIII promised a unique showdown between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, with the Patriots beating the Rams 13-3 — marking Tom Brady's sixth Super Bowl win — to become this year’s reigning champion. Now whether you’re a football aficionado or just there for the guac, chips, and wings, the annual spectacle offers something that’s arguably better than the game itself: the Super Bowl 2019 memes.

It doesn’t matter if you experienced joy over your team’s win, crushing disappointment at your team’s defeat, or just an overwhelming sense of fullness because you were at a viewing party purely for the food (hey, absolutely no judgement here) — memes are the universal language that bring every fan together. And there were so many opportunities for that on February 3, from the halftime performances to game hijinks.

Before proceeding with the best memes of Super Bowl 2019, it’s necessary to pay respect to the heroes that came before. Super Bowl 2015’s maverick Left Shark paved the way and changed the meme game as we know it with his bumbling dance moves. Lady Gaga’s 2017 halftime performance was filled with epic mic drops and swan dives galore. Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl 2018 performance reminded everyone of a Gap ad, and also a Super Bowl Selfie Kid was born. Ahead, game time, halftime, and winning team memes from Super Bowl 2019 that lived up to their meme predecessors.

Ready For The Games To Begin

Let's get this Superb Owl, er, Super Bowl party started! Got the guac? Smartphone: check. Social media feeds: activated. OK, let's get these memes rolling.

Things Started Off Slow

Did any of these players remember how to get the football to the end zone? Because not a whole lot of that seemed to be happening at the beginning of the game.

Really Slow

Like at all. I mean, they moved around on the field a whole lot, but nobody even scored until the second quarter of the game. Yawn.

Even After The Patriots Scored

Are football scores supposed to be this low? Asking for a friend. Nevermind; I'll just Google it. Nope, this was especially low.

When Everyone Got Excited For A Second During The Half Time Show

But found no solace in Maroon 5's lackluster performance — only deep, deep disappointment and a longing for something that made them feel ... something. Anything.

... And Then Very Upset

Spongebob's appearance during the halftime show was simply way too short, leaving fans watching the game who perked up for that brief moment absolutely devastated.

But Were In Awe Of Travis Scott's Belt

Thankfully, Travis Scott's huge belt got everyone's attention for a second or two. What was that thing? Actually, it doesn't even matter. Finally, something.

But Still "Meh" Over The Game

Back to the game, and fans were, well, kinda bored tbh.

When It Starts To Make Sense

Until fans realized some ~interesting~ parallels.

Then Tom Brady Won His Sixth Super Bowl

Then Pats fans went wild over their millionth win (aka sixth) and posted some Insta stories and status updates about yet another Super Bowl win.

The Real Winner

But perhaps the real winner of the big game was the Superb Owl — which is very popular Super Bowl misspelling — making this typo one of the greatest unifiers and some of the funniest Super Bowl memes on the internet.