Here Are The KKW Beauty Powder Swatches You've Been Waiting For

Kim Kardashian West is coming for your complexion products. While rumors swirled that a concealer was coming next for Kardashian's beauty brand, that isn't the case just yet. On Monday, Kim Kardashian West debuted swatches of the KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlight Kits, and these beauties will make your jaw drop.

Hype has barely subsided over the cream sticks, but now, a new product is well on its way. Kardashian West is launching the powder versions of her cream sticks alongside a brand new brush that's perfect for getting that signature Kardashian glow. Just like the cream formula, the powders will come in light, medium, and deep-dark with both warm and cool tones for contouring and two distinct powders for highlighting. Clearly, Kardashian is aiming to please with a plethora of options for customers.

Until Monday, fans hadn't been graced with swatches of the powders, but that's changing now. In true Kardashian fashion, the KKW Beauty founder took to her Snapchat account to showcase all three of the kits including all shades of contour and the gorgeously glowing highlighters.

While she did also reveal that the powders come out Aug. 22, there's no word on pricing. After you see these kits, however, the prices may not even matter.

Of course, the packing is reminiscent of the cream sticks, but the dual brush ends are a new addition for KKW Beauty.

Kim Kardashian West/Snapchat

Kardashian West swatched all six of the new contour shades alternating warm and cool tones. While the light kit is barely visible on her skin tone, clearly, these powders are pigmented.

Kim Kardashian West/Snapchat

She also took time to swatch each highlighting shade and explained that each kit comes with two highlighters. The light and medium kits definitely feature golden and pink undertones in their highlighters.

Kim Kardashian West/Snapchat

As for the dark/deep dark highlighters, they're a gorgeous bronze.

With gorgeous pigment and the choice of a warm or cool look, these beauties could bypass even the cream stick's popularity. Watch out for their launch on Aug. 22 at 12 p.m. PT.