You Have To See What Wet n’ Wild’s Newest Collection Looks Like

When it comes to all things fantastical, makeup probably wouldn't be the first place you'd look, but now, whimsy seems to be a trend that brands are embracing with full force. The latest to join in? Wet n' Wild's Midnight Mermaid Collection. The gorgeous, metallic collection of greens, blues, and purples is just unexpected enough to totally work, and if fun, unique products are your jam, these beauties are for you.

Lately, Wet n' Wild has been crushing the cosmetics game as a whole. Beauty gurus rave about their Photo Focus Foundation, and cosmetics junkies who love a great glow are obsessed with their insanely affordable but blinding MegaGlo Highlighters. Now, there are brand new cruelty-free, vegan goodies to get stoked about. Color lovers will be rejoicing over this limited edition Midnight Mermaid collection.

Inside, fans will find four liquid lipsticks, four creme eyeshadows, three liquid liners, and one pressed powder highlighter. Basically, it's some of the most on trend products in gorgeously deep, mermaid-inspired colors.

This isn't the brand first foray into the fantastic, though. Their unicorn collection was also a mega-hit, and if history repeats itself, the new Midnight Mermaid collection will be as well. What exactly do the latest Wet n' Wild products look like, though?

Midnight Mermaid Liquid Lips

These swatches from the brand show just how pigmented and gorgeously metallic they really are. If you're vegan, though, be warned that the gorgeous red shade is the only piece of the collection that isn't vegan.

Pressed Powder Highlight

While Wet n' Wild hasn't released swatches of the highlighter yet, fans can always count on beauty gurus to showcase new products. This time, it was Laura Lee who gave fans a sneak peek at the stunning new highlight with a golden green reflective element. The highlight looks blinding even on her wrist.

It looked even better on her cheek.

It's seriously blinding.

Metallic Liquid Liners

As for the liquid liners, Lee admitted that they appeared thin, but they're totally buildable.

The color, however, is totally there.

These beauties look great on the eye.

Liquid Eye Shadows

The cream eyeshadows stick with the same color scheme, and you'll be rocking some seriously gorgeous jewel-tones with these products.

Plus, on the eyes, they're stunning.

If you want more info about the Wet n' Wild Midnight Mermaid collection, check out Laura's Lee video. If you're already planning to buy the products, mark your calendar for Aug. 13 for online shopping at Ulta. May we all be as majestic as mermaids.