SZA Wore The Most Badass Pair Of Jeans To Perform At The Grammys

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SZA may not have walked away with any Grammy awards tonight, however, she did not let that stop her from looking fly AF when she took the stage to perform "Broken Clocks" from Ctrl, her highly-acclaimed 2017 album. SZA's jeans during her 2018 Grammys performance made a lot of her fans on Twitter wonder where they could get the same exact pair. Of course, they were not just any regular pair of jeans — they were extra wide-legged JNCO-inspired jeans with high slits on each size.

The internet-breaking jeans were the creation of fashion brand L.A. Roxx. They worked with SZA's stylist, Diane Garcia, to create the look. "The pant consisted of reconstructing two denim pants, which were deconstructed then sewn together. Details include a secondary waistband with an outseam split," Rickey Kim of L.A. Roxx tells Bustle over email.

It was a huge leap from her red carpet look. SZA arrived on the Grammys red carpet — with her mother and grandmother, in their roles as the cutest dates ever — dressed in gown that was allegedly inspired by Cher. She wore her signature hair down, showcasing her incredible curls, and in solidarity, she also held a white rose, to support the Time's Up movement.

Fans were eager to share their excitement over the surprising denim look on social media. "@sza out here rocking some cut up JNCO™ jeans and my grandpas old white tennis shoes and just killed the whole showww 🔥🔥🔥 #TheGrammys," tweeted Katie Russo. Vesela Kostadinova wrote that she felt super inspired by the singer, tweeting, "Sza giving me ideas on how to wear my jeans that look like dis lol." Many fans were just impressed that the musician could make the vintage denim style look so stylish. "SZA IS OUT HERE IN JNCO JEANS AND STILL LOOKS GOOD. GO ALL THE WAY OFF. #Grammys," tweeted Olive.

While the jeans were definitely fans' favorite part about her outfit, her basketball jersey, cut at the bottom to create a fringe, and her chunky sneakers (paired with thick crew socks) were equally as awesome. L.A. Roxx was also responsible for the gorgeous black bell sleeve bodysuit that SZA wore underneath the jersey dress, which was custom made and embellished with 1,000 hand placed Swarovski crystals, says Kim.

The whole ensemble gave a very '90s hip-hop vibe, a look that SZA is no stranger to. Fans of the 27-year-old R&B singer know that she loves to rock old school styles, like oversized neon-colored windbreakers, baggy Tommy Hilfiger overalls, and sporty graphic tees. And while she sometimes likes to wear sexier, more lingerie-esque outfits to perform, I personally love that SZA went with a more relaxed look, which hopefully helped her feel more comfortable during her incredible debut Grammy performance.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Were these custom made for SZA? Methinks so.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

SZA is single-handedly bringing back JNCO jeans.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's what else Twitter was saying about the "fashionable" denim.

1. The GOAT Of Jeans

What better way to make a debut Grammy performance than with the greatest jeans of all time?

2. Throwback Denim

Will SZA be responsible for bringing these '90s jeans back? Tbd.

3. DIY SZA Jeans

Many people will try, but how many will actually come out successful?

4. Bring It Back

Time to make a trip to Goodwill!

5. We Need Them Jeans

It's more than just a want, it's a need.

6. Fashion Rule-Breaking

If SZA says it's cool, then it's definitely cool.

7. What Would SZA Do?

Someone, hand me the scissors!

8. Elegant AF

I was honestly wondering the same thing.

9. That's So Punny

@Kolrising's got jokes.

10. High School Musical Feels

Shoutout to Troy Bolton.

11. Copy Cat

Whatever SZA does, we follow.

12. All The Ladies

All in favor, say aye!

13. Hidden Message

Are you trying to tell us something, SZA?

Her jeans aren't the only thing that fans are tweeting about though. Twitter is livid about SZA's Grammys snubs. Despite the fact that she was the most-nominated woman in 2018, she didn't get a single Grammy. Check out some of the most heated tweets from her diehard followers here.