Taco Bell Launched A Pool Float That Looks Just Like A Hot Sauce Packet

Taco Bell

To say that pool floats are having a bit of a *moment* would be an understatement — as summer approaches, we're drowning in pool floats of all varieties. But this, this new float deserves a royal spot in the Pool Float Kingdom, which I can only assume is a real thing somewhere. Taco Bell Shop's summer collection has arrived with, technically speaking, a crap-full of amazing new merch on offer. But the most impressive of all the bounty that we've been blessed with has to be the Taco Bell pool float. And, of course, it's in the shape of one of Taco Bell's beloved hot sauce packets.

This pool float totally nails it for a lot of reasons — firstly, a hot sauce packet is the perfect shape for a pool float, so it's ready for lounging. (It's a pool float that both Rose and Jack could fit on comfortably, I'm willing to put money on it.) Secondly, the iconic packet emblazoned with the word "HOT" is just screaming to be on your Instagram page. Thirdly, anything with Taco Bell is better than something not with Taco Bell. That's a rule of science and fact and truth. So if you're looking for a way to soak up some summer rays in your friend's rich uncle's pool, then this is the one. If only it came with free tacos or free hot sauce — but I fear you'll have to purchase those separately. But, come on, they would really make a summer day complete, wouldn't they?

As I said, there is a lot of merch on offer — in fact, the float is just the beginning. Hot sauce packet-themed towels, Taco Bell bathing suits, water bottles, umbrellas — you can even get portable chargers and speakers emblazoned with Taco Bell goodness. That's before we even get to the stickers, coolers, tumblers — seriously, you could wear, eat, lounge, sip, listen, and scroll in Taco Bell style if you so choose. And why wouldn't you so choose?

The entire Taco Bell Shop Summer Summer Collection is worth checking out, but let's be honest — Taco Bell merchandise has been pretty epic for a long time. You can already get Taco Bell hot sauce phone cases in Mild, Hot, and Fire — or you can go for a Taco Bell burrito blanket which will let you make yourself into a cozy damn burrito. That happens to be a recurring dream of mine, so I am more than ready for it. But Taco Bell has been busy outside of the merch department, as well. The chain has been trialling $1 churros (YES PLEASE) and finally launching their long-awaited Taco Bell vegetarian menu, just for starters. All while designing the pool float of our dreams — talk about multi-tasking.

There is no shortage of amazing pool floats on the market right now. You can get a pickle-shaped pool float super cheap on Amazon, an oyster-shaped pool float so you can imagine life in Poseidon's kingdom — you can even get a motorized pool float to help zoom you around the pool. But none of them have the straight-up firepower of a Taco Bell school float if you really want to feel the heat. Summer's almost here — and it's going to be spicy.