You Can Be A Taco Bell Sauce Packet For Halloween This Year

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Normally, when we think of Halloween costumes, we think scary — you dress as a terrifying monster, a horrible creature from history, or your student loan balance. But what if this year, you did something different? What if you dressed as something you love — maybe even the thing you love the most? I'm talking, of course, about Taco Bell. Because a Taco Bell Halloween costume line just launched and it is.... well, it's a lot.

In further proof that Taco Bell knows no bounds and no limits, they've gotten into the costume game. Starting Sept. 19, you can now get a range of Taco Bell Halloween costumes and they're totally ready for your whole squad to dress up — and they've even got a baby costume on offer for a family affair.

The main draw is, as it always is, the hot sauce. You can go dressed as Hot, Fire, Diablo or Verde sauces — all in either a dress form or a tunic form. Of course, you could get the whole gang together and use it as a group costume, obviously trying not to fight over who gets to go as the Halloween-appropriate Diablo.

But if you're looking beyond sauce, there are options for you, too. The Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tunic lets you channel the delicious treat — and the 7-Layer Burrito Baby Bunting lets even the tiniest of your crew get in on the action.

The Hot Sauce costumes will set you back $39.99, in dress or tunic form, while the Cheesy Gordita Crunch Tunic will run you $44.99 and the baby option costs $24.99. They're not cheap, but if you love Taco Bell enough to go for a Taco Bell Halloween costume then my guess is you're willing to invest in that opportunity.

There is so much Taco Bell merch out there, that I'm kind of amazed you couldn't buy these sorts of costumes already. Considering the Taco Bell Back to School collection lets you rock that Taco Bell vibe on everything from hoodies to pencils cases, you can already really go for it. And lest we forget the Taco Bell burrito blanket, which is exactly what is sounds like and exactly as pure and as incredible as you would hope it to be. The brand even went so far as to let you stay in a Taco Bell hotel, albeit only for a limited time. So many of us loved the Taco Bell hot sauce pool floats that livened up pools all over the country this summer — and it's nice to see Hot Sauce Packet Summer transition into Cozy Sauce Packet Fall so easily.

If you're a Halloween fiend, there's a good chance you'll already have your Halloween costume picked out and will be going for something more elaborate and intricate (like a fully inflatable Toy Story Alien). But if you're someone who tends to wait until the last minute, has no idea what you want to go for, and just want something kind of funny where all of the work is done for you — well, then these Taco Bell Halloween costumes will probably be right up your street. Who knew it was so easily to look this spicy?

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