Here's Everything You Can Buy From Taco Bell's New "Back To School" Collection

As exciting as it is to see the return of the PSL and the season of all things pumpkin, that also means transferring from summer and back into the real world. And for many of us, fall means it's time to get back to school — but this year, it's a little spicier. The Taco Bell Back to School collection just dropped on the Taco Shop website, so you can start the school year off in the most stylish and delicious of ways. That's right — it's time to trade in your Hot Sauce Pool Float for a cozy hoodie, because the seasons are starting to change and back to school season is looming.

And there is a lot on offer. Firstly, you can get cozy in some Taco Bell apparel. They've got Taco Bell short and long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, joggers — even Taco Bell leggings, if that floats your boat because you hate to put on anything with buttons. (I am that person.) But that's before we even get into the sweet, sweet school supplies themselves. And we've got pencils, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, a Hot Sauce Packet USB, and a backpack to store it all. Oh, and don't forget your Taco Bell Tumbler, to make sure you get your caffeine fix on your way to class.

Basically, you can cover yourself in all things Taco Bell — and I assume that you'll be getting yourself a sweet Crunchwrap Supreme to tie it all together. Oh, the sweet, simple joys of college life.

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It's hard to believe that the school season is looming just around the corner, but at least you can do it in style. Or if you'd prefer, you can check out Disney's College Must-Haves to give your fall a magical twist. But there's no denying that Taco Bell knows how to do merch. I mean, they set up an actual Taco Bell Hotel, for goodness sake — they are all about taking over every area of your life — from throwing hiring parties to letting you have a party in the actual Taco Bell restaurant, they know how to win us over. I mean, when they released a Taco Bell burrito blanket that lets you turn yourself into an actual burrito, we should have all just thrown in the towel. Very few of us might be so bold or brave enough to actually get married in a Taco Bell, but it's good to know that the option is there — if you choose to take it.

For a lot of kids and young adults, back to school is the best time of the year — fresh markers and notebooks, new outfits, and probably some kind of elaborate pencil holder to show just how cool you are. I was definitely that kid. But whether you love back to school or dread the return of the school year, there's no denying that some Taco Bell Back to School merch can help make things a little better — or, at the very least, more delicious.