Tammy From 'The Bachelor' Is Your New Inspiration For Being Good At Side Hustles

Tammy in The Bachelor

When Chris Harrison first introduced Tammy from The Bachelor, he called her a "symbol of the American dream." It's an apt description: her ABC bio says her family immigrated to the U.S. during the Vietnam War, and that she credits her "go-go-go attitude" to her parents. After they split up, Tammy helped to take care of her younger sisters, and she's been working since graduating high school. "I'm very happy with what I've achieved at such a young age," the 24-year-old said in her opening package.

As someone who won a Title IX complaint in order to compete on her high school's boys' wrestling team, Tammy is a go-getter in every sense of the word, and her Instagram account is only further proof of that. Though her job title on the The Bachelor is listed as a house flipper, Tammy's IG bio reveals that she's a "workaholic x6," and actually has a number of different revenue streams. On top of all that, she somehow makes time for frequent travel and a social life. Recent posts show that despite drama on The Bachelor, Tammy has stayed friends with some of her fellow contestants, like Alexa, Avonlea, Jasmine, and Alayah. But the biggest takeaway from her Instagram is how much of a true hustler she is. Here are just some of the jobs and hobbies Tammy has dabbled in:


Based on this ad from 2012, modeling appears to be the job that Tammy has stuck with the longest. She's currently repped by AMS Models & Talent agency.


The Syracuse native auditioned for The Voice in 2015.


Before joining Peter's Bachelor season, Tammy already had experience being on TV. She's acted in commercials for Turning Stone Resort Casino, the New York State Department of Health, Wegman's, and medical technology company Hillrom,


It would be very convenient for Tammy to marry Pilot Pete, considering how much she loves to travel (per her ABC bio, she has a vanity license plate that reads JETSETTR). In 2016, she embarked on what she dubbed #TheTammyTour, during which she visited Los Angeles, Denver, Dublin, Seattle, Dubai, and Iceland. In 2019, she paid for her family, including her two sisters, to travel to Italy and Spain.

Selling Insurance

One of Tammy's day jobs is as an insurance sales agent for AllSafe, where she has won three awards for being the top producer of the month, as she wrote in a 2018 post.


When she started bartending, Tammy only had three jobs, but she's stuck with it even as she's picked up new gigs.

Working As A Realtor

In December 2018, Tammy wrote about how she'd just closed one of her biggest real estate deals to date, and reflected on how hard she'd worked to get there after a slow start in the field. Now, she has an Instagram account dedicated to this aspect of her work life.


Miraculously, Tammy also finds time to volunteer with her church.

With the added platform of The Bachelor, Tammy will likely be able to add yet another title to her résumé: influencer.