You Can Buy A Bottle Of Target’s New Sangria For Just $5

Target, remixed by Bustle

Oh, the gods of cheap wine — they are too good to us. No matter how much bounty they deliver, something more glorious arrives to make our lives happier. You may already be a fan of Target's wine section — the California Roots Target line that retails for just five bucks a bottle. But now, it's about to get even more perfect for summer, because Target $5 sangria is coming. That's right, California Roots Sangria is about to be a thing — and we are braced for impact. Starting on May 20, you'll be able to get that sweet, sweet sangria for just five sweet bucks. Summer BBQs just got a whole lot more classy, if you're looking for ways to ball on a budget.

What is it going to taste like? Well, expect this new offering to be totally ready for summer. "With notes of fresh berries and zesty citrus, California Roots Sangria is the perfect way to toast the beginning of summer," the company explained in a press release shared with Bustle. So basically, everything you could want once June, July, and August roll around. Crack it open, mix it up with some fruit to make it even more sangria-y, and then just sit back and enjoy. If it's anywhere near as popular as other Target wine flavors, then it's sure to be a huge success. Seriously, there is a devoted, almost cult-like love of California Roots and all the cheap, boozy deliciousness it has to offer.

If sangria isn't your thing, there are plenty of other amazing summer beverages heading your way. For those of you looking for something incredibly potent, then the SKYY Infusions Cold Brew Coffee Vodka has arrived. And it's, well, it's just as powerful and delicious and terrifying as it sounds like it is. Seriously, coffee and vodka are a rugged combination indeed — so this is perfect if you like your drinks to have that rocket fuel edge. You can go for something a little less scary — that also gives back to a good cause — with Bud Light's Rainbow Bottles that support GLAAD in the run-up to Pride. Or, if you're already at Target, you can stock up with their rose winé in a can, which is perfect for picnics. Target took the classic Yes Way Rosé wine that you know and love and made it even more suitable for lazy folks like us. The DREAM.

Target always comes up with new and exciting ways to get us a little bit tipsy — in fact, they repeatedly go beyond the normal realms of wine drinking to make it a truly special experience. From five buck bottles to wine cubes (yes, they're a thing and yes, they hold four bottles of wine) to sticking it in a damn can to make our lives easier, they know what we need. And what we need is good, cheap wine conveniently served in huge qualities.

So if you're a sangria lover, then Target is finally taking some of their wine genius and sending it your way — so put May 20 down in your calendar. Your summer is about to get sexier. Or, at the very least, a little more tipsy.