Target Is Selling S'MORES Frosted Cookies Now

by Brittany Bennett

S'mores is the summer's most beloved sandwich. Gooey melted marshmallow and milk chocolate squares squished between graham crackers and enjoyed by a crackling camp fire are the season's delicacy. But thanks to modern innovation, you don't necessarily need a camp or a fire — at least, not when the sandwich is reinvented as a cookie. Target has S'mores Frosted Sugar Cookies now, which officially makes summer 2019 the sweet summer of the s'more.

The Market Pantry item comes in a pack of 10 for an instant s'more satisfaction that keeps on giving. There is no in depth description shown on the package but through the transparent packaging it's ~clear~ to see that the cookie, which looks studded with chocolate, is topped with what appears to be a marshmallow frosting and graham cracker crumbles. It is the most seamless transition from s'more sandwich to cookie.

According to Best Products, the cookies were spotted by the snack forward Instagram account @threesnackateers. Upon comments asking how the S'mores Frosted Sugar Cookies taste, the Instagram reports "the overall consensus is yum!" Another commenter, who went to their store to score a haul of these cookies raved, "these are toooooo good I ate 6 on my drive home and I live 5 minutes away." So, be warned, these cookies can be done in record time. Play it safe and stock up on two packages. A 10-pack retails for $3.49 and you can check your local target location for availability.

Other comments on the post include "need need need" and an array of "OMG" exclamations. S'mores have the power to incite this kind of excitement. 2019 has been the year of the s'more, so there has been a lot of enthusiasm shared in the snack aisle. In Apr. 2019 Oreos re-released the Limited Edition S'mores Oreo flavor. The graham flavored cookie is met by layers of both chocolate and marshmallow flavored creme.

But it's not just cookies that the S'mores sandwich is limited too. Summer can also be bottled. International Delight's Limited Edition S'mores Coffee Creamer flavor will bring the sweet, charred flavor of marshmallow and chocolate to your mug of coffee. No camping or fire starter needed. Only coffee and creamer to capture that summer sandwich essence.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

That's not the only beverage related S'mores flavored delight to burst onto the foodie scene in 2019. Starbucks welcomed back the Starbucks S'mores Frappuccino in April. It's the Pumpkin Spice Latte of Summer. Like all good things, the S'mores Frappuccino is only a limited edition option, lasting as long as supplies last. Furthermore, because the year of the S'mores is seemingly never-ending, there are even chocolate-stuffed marshmallows to level up your actual s'mores experience.

Campfire S'mores are limited, mostly, to the summer season. But S'mores cookies can be forever. No fire required. Even though most of the s'mores flavored treats are limited edition, cookies can be stored correctly and kept well into fall. Once you come across the S'mores Frosted Sugar Cookies at Target, you'll want to claim a few packages for yourself. Enjoy the cookies outside from now and well into the fall. Ah, summer really can be forever.