Bed Bath & Beyond's S'mores Cage Is Here To Create The Ultimate, No-Mess S'more

There are very few problems with s’mores. They give you the crunch of graham cracker, they give you some melty chocolate goodness, they give you toasted marshmallow which is, frankly, a taste of the divine. The one problem — the only problem — with s’mores is that they’re labor intensive and once you eat one, you definitely want to eat at least five more. Well, fear no longer — because now you can make s’mores in batches of six with no mess, no fuss. This Bed Bath & Beyond s’mores cage is a work of genius. Even better? It’s called the “The S'More To Love S'More Maker” which is a title that deserves a round of applause for sure.

The s’mores cage holds all of your s’mores ingredients in the classic configuration — graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, more graham cracker — and lets you essentially cook them in bulk. I’m assuming it’s meant to be used on something like a barbecue, rather than just tossing the whole cage onto an open flame, but I’m not going to tell you how to live your life or how to cook your s’mores. At just under 15 bucks, this s’mores cage is a total bargain — especially if you, like me, want to eat s’mores for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For me, this s’mores cage is basically just a form of meal prep. No more burnt fingers or bits of twig bark in your marshmallow — just convenient, s’mores-y goodness.

And if there’s a time to up your s’mores game, it’s right now — it’s hard to ignore that s’mores are having a bit of a *moment*. The tasty dessert is so popular that wedding s’more bars are now a trend — and you can even get chocolate-stuffed marshmallows to completely up your s’mores game with extra chocolate. In fact, if you’re a real s’mores loyalist, you can get the Hershey's S’mores Caddy for all of your s’mores storage and carrying needs, which I can only assume are extensive.

Of course, if you want that sweet, sweet s’more flavor but you don’t have an open flame nearby, you can hop on the s’mores trend in a more user-friendly style. International Delight's S’mores Coffee Creamer is ready to make your morning coffee so much more delicious, while S’mores Oreos made a 2019 comeback to make this year a little more bearable. But if you’re not going to go for the real deal, there's one s’mores-flavored treat that I would humbly suggest deserves a spot above the rest. I’m talking about the bliss, the joy, the genius that is the Dairy Queen S’mores Blizzard. All of the delicious s’more elements, blended with ice cream – that's a dessert that can unite us all.

There are so many ways to get your s’mores fix at the moment, but with summer coming you have an opportunity to go for the real thing — and all of the nostalgia that a proper s’more brings with it. But if you’re not interested in sticky fingers and possible burns, then the Bed Bath & Beyond s’mores cage can make your summer cookouts run a lot more smoothly. And are you ever going to complain about something that allows you to make six s’mores at once? No — no you are not. None of us are. S’mores in batches are the future, you heard it here first.