You Can Buy A Unicorn Mug Gift Set At Target For Your Most Magical Friend

What do you get for the wood nymph who has everything? Why, something from Target, of course. In addition to all their goodies in the dollar section and treats in the holiday aisle, Target has a $10 unicorn mug gift set that is perfect for anyone on your list who appreciates sparkly, delicious, kitschy things. C’mon, 2019’s been hard. Who wouldn’t appreciate something goofy and glittery as a small token for making it through this year?

For $9.99, the Holiday Unicorn Mug Gift Set is part of Target’s Wondershop, AKA the seasonal section where you try not to spend your entire paycheck. The set comes with a white mug decorated to look like a unicorn. (Side note: when did all unicorns start looking like this?) Also included are a packet of white chocolate hot cocoa mix as well as unicorn-inspired toppings including rainbow marshmallow twists and white chocolate bark topped with colorful stars and glittery sprinkles. The entire set is the edible embodiment of the word “adorable.”

Product availability with vary depending on your local Target, but you should be able to check to see if your store has it online. If, alas, the unicorn mug gift set is sold out and you aren’t able to ship one in time for the holidays, fear not: there is an entire “novelty seeker” gift section on that will have all your stocking stuffer and White Elephant gift exchange needs.

Want to really wow the unicorn-loving person on your list? Pair your unicorn mug set with this giant unicorn gummy from Target. It is, as its name suggests, a single unicorn-shaped strawberry-flavored gummy that weighs 16 ounces, which is a whole pound. For $9.99, you too could weigh someone’s stocking down with this one-pound unicorn gummy. Per Target’s product description, some highlights of this product include “delicious flavor in every bite”— a bold claim for a giant gummy that weighs one entire pound — and “great for snacking or entertaining.”

Target isn’t the only place you should search for last-minute nifty gifties. If you’re out shopping for holiday treats, check out Trader Joe’s stocking stuffers. The grocer is especially good for gifts if you’re looking to give presents that are more eco-friendly. You won’t need to worry as much about adding to unnecessary waste if your gift is edible. Take, for example, the Trader Joe’s holiday cookie ornament set. It’s a gift! It’s an activity! It’s decor you can eat! Truly the trifecta of holiday gifts.

If you’re stuck on what to give a hard-to-shop-for person on your list, and you'd place them squarely in the "magical" category, it's hard to go wrong with something unicorn-themed — especially for a cool $10.

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