Taylor From ‘BiP’ Defended Arie’s Contestants & All Fans Need To Read Her Words

ABC/Paul Hebert

The Bachelor (co-executive producer: Nicole Woods) has always shown its fair share of fun, romance, and drama. But, in all of that silly entertainment, sometimes the fact that there are real people dealing with real feelings on the show gets lost. Bachelor alum Taylor Nolan defended current contestants on Twitter after she noticed that others were making fun of some of the bachelorettes. Her statements are definitely ones to keep in mind while viewing the series.

Taylor, who previously appeared on Season 21 of The Bachelor and Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise (producer: Lindsay Liles), spoke out after a couple of contestants shared some emotional and personal stories. On her one-on-one date with Arie Luyendyk Jr. (which took place in his hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona), Krystal opened up about her difficult childhood. The contestant told Arie about her tough upbringing with her parents and how her brother, who she was close with growing up, is homeless. It was a hard conversation for Krystal to have, as she was visibly emotional while she shared her story with Arie (and the world).

Possibly due to Krystal's polarizing nature on the program, some users on Twitter didn't treat her story as seriously as they could have. One user even called her "fake as hell" during the emotional moment. Taylor was not going to stand for the hate any longer. She tweeted:

Taylor's statement highlights something viewers may not think about every time they watch an episode of The Bachelor or any of its adjacent series'. Krystal, like many other contestants before and after her, opened up about something incredibly personal in front of not only a potential husband, but millions of viewers, as well. Criticizing her for stealing away Arie for the millionth time and causing drama with the other contestants? OK, fine. But, going after her for bravely sharing her own story? That's totally not cool. And that's exactly what Taylor's getting at here in her tweet, which she ends with some advice to think "before you type" and possibly send along something mean-spirited into the interwebs.

The former contestant also had a little something to say to those who were making fun of another contestant's "bumper car trauma." In case you missed the episode, the gals had to compete in a demolition derby on a group date. One contestant, Annaliese, was nervous about engaging in the derby because of her past traumatic experience in a bumper car when she was a child. She described the upcoming competition as her "worst nightmare" and teared up as she related her past to Arie and the other contestants.

Many didn't take Annaliese's story seriously, and the show itself poked a little fun by jokingly including a bumper car scene while the contestant was crying. In response to this, Taylor tweeted:

It's so nice to see Taylor showing her support for these women as they open up and it's a sentiment that many others would be wise to share. Yet, it's not surprising that the alum would showcase her support for other Bachelor contestants, especially when it ties back to a topic like this. She got her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling while at Stevenson University and even opened up her own practice before going on The Bachelor. So, this is a topic near and dear to her heart. And it shows, as her defense of these contestants and their courage to open up about their difficult experiences, is an incredibly important one to keep in mind for the rest of the season and for subsequent ones, too.

None of this is to say that you can't have fun while you watch The Bachelor, or even have a little fun at the show's expense. But, like Taylor said, just remember that these are real people expressing their own vulnerabilities and not just characters on a TV show.