Taylor Swift's Earth, Wind, & Fire Cover Has Twitter Freaking Out — And NOT In A Good Way

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; mslopatto/Twitter

As one of the most popular entertainers of this generation, Taylor Swift's music is generally met with great reviews. However, when taking a look at the recent reactions on the internet, it's safe to say that Twitter isn't exactly thrilled about Swift's cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's "September." On Friday, April 13, the singer dropped her own version of the 1978 classic, and it was met with an overwhelming response from fans of the legendary band's original version. (Bustle reached out to Swift's rep about the backlash, but did not receive an immediate response.)

While the song is still recognizable at first listen, many took notice to the fact that the pop star slowed things down a bit, ultimately turning the hit into an acoustic version that EW&F fans were totally not here for. Amid other changes, Swift also switched up the beginning line of the song, which originally began with the question: “Do you remember the 21st night of September?” Swift’s opening sentence was notably revised to say: “Do you remember the 28th night of September?”

It certainly didn't take long for Swifties to pick up on the notion that the change was most likely a reference to her relationship with English actor and model Joe Alwyn, which reportedly started on Sept. 28, 2016.

The single was released as part of Spotify's Singles series along with a new version of the Reputation track "Delicate." A statement for the release indicates that Swift chose to re-record "September" for "sentimental reasons," according to Rolling Stone.

Swift is typically known for writing emotional songs about her relationships and the soulful lyrics of EW&F's song seem to fit into exactly where the 28-year-old seems to be in her romantic life with Alwyn. That said, the second verse of "September" speaks directly to being in love. It starts off:

My thoughts are with you / Holding hands with your heart to see you / Only blue talk and love / Remember how we knew love was here to stay / Now December found the love that we shared in September / Only blue talk and love / Remember the true love we share today

USA Today reported that Swift's cover was intended to honor the band, whose members presented her with a Grammy Award in 2016.

However, it seems that most people on Twitter did not want anything to do with the song's revamping.

1. Spirit-Stealing

One detractor felt that the song "killed" their spirit.

2. Does It Cross The Line?

Another listener felt that the madness of Swift's cover must be stopped.

3. Not A "Good Morning"

This opposer is not here for Swift's rendition.

4. Epic Fail

A commenter used a meme to express their thoughts on the "September" remake.

5. An Apology

This Twitter user thinks the cover warrants an apology.

6. "The Most Disrespectful Thing"

A fan of the original felt that the Swift's remake was a total disrespect.

7. Day Ruined

Swift's rendition was a bad start to the weekend, according to one social media user.

8. "Actually Upset"

Some of Swift's fans were even unhappy about the remake.

9. Friday The 13th

Pointing out that the song was coincidentally released of Friday the 13th, this commenter needed a minute to process the information that Swift had covered the Earth, Wind & Fire classic.

10. Is It Really That Bad?

Meanwhile, this social media user tried to give the song a chance, but immediately realized that it was it was not worthy.

It's worth noting that not everyone hated the track, though. In fact, some Swifties gushed over the cover and even got emotional.

Spotify Singles was first launched in 2016 as a weekly playlist featuring two new songs from an artist, CBS News reported. Within the series, most artists release one original song and one cover. As fans may recall, Swift ended her years long streaming feud in June 2017, allowing platforms such as Spotify to share her music. Speaking on bringing the singer back to the world of streaming, Spotify CEO Daniel Dek told CBS This Morning earlier this month:

I went to Nashville many, many times to talk to her team, spend more time directly explaining the model, why streaming mattered. And the great news is I think she saw how streaming was growing. I think she saw that fans were asking for it. So eventually when the new album came out, she came to Stockholm and spent some time with our team there figuring out a way that made sense for her.

Swift is set to promote Reputation on a massive stadium tour launching May 8 in Glendale, Arizona. But despite being one of the biggest artists today, it seems that people are not ready to have Taylor Swift touch a song as legendary as "September."