A Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Relationship Timeline For Any Curious Fans Out There

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Taylor Swift is known for writing emotional songs about her relationships, and as you might have noticed, she's been singing a lot less about heartbreak lately. Fans have boyfriend Joe Alwyn to thank for that, but there's only one problem: so much of their relationship is a mystery. However, a timeline of Swift and Alwyn's relationship milestones (at least the ones we know of) could help clear things up if you're just as curious as the rest of us who are rooting for them to live happily ever after.

On her latest album, Reputation, Alwyn's importance in Swift's life, especially over the last year, looms large. In songs like "Call It What You Want" and "New Year's Day" that are filled with hints about their love story, it's obvious that this relationship is A Very Big Deal to her. Alwyn will probably stick around for awhile, so how did their story begin? What has their dating life actually been like? They are from two different continents, after all.

So far, Swift and Alwyn have yet to make any public appearances together, so it's hard to say if he'll be her date to Sunday's Grammy awards — if she attends. (She's nominated for Best Country Song for a song she wrote for Little Big Town, and Best Song Written For Visual Media for "I Don't Wanna Live Forever.") Even so, this timeline might help put the pieces together.

Their First Meeting — May 3, 2016

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According to the lyrics of "Dress," Swift and Alwyn may have met at the 2016 Met Ball. In the song, she sings, "Flashback to when you met me, your buzzed cut and my hair bleached." At the Met Gala, Alwyn's hair was, indeed, buzzed, and Swift's hair was, indeed, bleached. There's no confirmation on this beyond the lyrics, but it's as close as we may get. Swift and Alwyn didn't get together right after meeting, though. At this point, Swift's breakup with Calvin Harris had not yet been reported and she had not even started dating Tom Hiddleston.

Reports Of Their Relationship Surface — May 2017

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It wasn't until a year after they met that the first rumors of a romance between Swift and Alwyn surfaced. According to a report in Metro, they'd been dating for a while at that point, but they wanted to keep things as quiet as possible.

They're Spotted In Public For The First Time — June 2017

Swift and Alwyn were seen in Nashville, looking pretty happy and generally cute together. This earliest sighting was a pretty big deal, since Swift hadn't been rumored to have been dating anyone since her ill-fated fling with Tom Hiddleston.

Swift Asks Fans To Spread The Word That Her Songs Were About Him — October 2017

Supposedly, Swift wanted fans who attended her private Reputation listening parties to spread the word to other fans that her love songs on Reputation, including "Gorgeous", are about Alwyn. It would kind of make sense, especially with "Gorgeous" since it's a really cute song about having a crush on someone at first sight. Yet another tidbit that she hasn't confirmed directly, but such is life when your favorite celebrity couple won't share any solid information about their relationship.

Reputation Drops & There Are Finally Details — October 2017

Since the album was released in October, fans have been trying to decode how much of the album is about Alwyn... and a fair amount of the lyrics definitely seem to apply. Since the couple isn't sharing details themselves, this is the best we can do, right?

There are obviously still a lot of blanks that Swift needs to fill in — maybe in future albums, but hopefully, sooner than that. It's great to see her so happy (and singing about that happiness, too), so maybe she'll want to share that with fans someday, too.

And if we could get more photos of her and Alwyn together, that would be great, too. Instagram would work just fine.