The Personal Message Behind Taylor Swift's Hurricane Harvey Donation Will Warm Your Heart

by Mathew Jedeikin
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As the city of Houston continues to recover from the disastrous impact of Hurricane Harvey, people across the country have shown support for those affected by donating millions to relief efforts. This includes a number of celebrities, who have made public declarations of their contributions to encourage their fans to follow their lead. It was recently revealed that Taylor Swift made a major donation to Houston Food Bank, and the message behind it is undeniably sweet. You see, Swift made the contribution in her mother's honor, and for any of you not familiar, Swift's mother attended and graduated from the University of Houston.

So far, at least 50 people have died as a result of Hurricane Harvey, and tens of thousands have been displaced, according to CNN. The city of Houston alone received more than 50 inches of rain in less than a week, the Texas Tribune reported, and the photos of the flooded city are jaw-dropping, to say the least. Given the severity of the situation, it's all the more heartwarming to see people rallying together to help.

The Houston Food Bank shared the following message to their Facebook page announcing Swift's contribution:

"Taylor Swift has generously made a very sizable donation to Houston Food Bank in honor of her mother who graduated from the University of Houston. We thank you, Taylor, and we thank everyone for donating to help rebuild our community."

The organization also posed a message to Twitter thanking Swift for her generosity.

Definitely no shade to any of the celebs who have shared that they were making donations with the public, but it's pretty cool that Swift went a different route. At a time where plenty of people are criticizing the singer for her actions — and many with good reason — it's sweet to see that she wanted to help the victims, while also honoring her mother, who recently testified in Swift's recent court case against DJ David "Jackson" Mueller.

Additionally, it seems like a safe assumption that Swift also gave the Houston Food Bank permission to use her name and image in a public announcement. If so, that will undoubtedly generate media attention for the organization, and potentially additional donations as a result. So kudos to Swift for supporting the victims of Hurricane Harvey in a unique and sweet way.

You too can support those affected by the devastation of Harvey in a number of ways. Remember, no action is too small.