You Can Buy Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Pajamas For Less Than $100

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Just in case you haven't heard (which seems unlikely), Taylor Swift released her new album Lover on Aug. 23. The singer has already released multiple successful singles from the album, but her most recent is the title track, for which she's already debuted a video. And as it turns out, Taylor Swift's "Lover" pajamas from the adorable music video are shoppable — and they're not even sold out yet.

If you haven't seen the music video for "Lover," you're missing out on a deluge of rainbow colors, sweet moments, a full-on love story, and some amazing style. The style part shouldn't be a shock to Swift's fans, though. From her "Me!" music video to "You Need To Calm Down," her most recent music videos have been full of everything from stunning 1950s-inspired French fashion to amazing, brightly-hued rockabilly styles. Style expectations were high for "Lover," and Swift delivered. Plus, it turns out that those ultra-cute Christmas pajamas from one of the sweetest moments in the whole video are under $100 and available to purchase.

At the beginning of "Lover," viewers see a young girl in said pajamas holding a snow globe. As she looks inside, the video beginnings. The scenes show Swift's relationship with a lover (look, that joke practically wrote itself) including all of the ups and downs of love. At the video's end, the couple are still together, and wearing matching Hanna Andersson pajamas.

As the camera pans out of the snow globe and shows the little girl in pajamas again, Swift and her partner appear in the same matching pajamas to the little girl's own insinuating that the couple have gotten married and had a family. It's a major "aw" moment, and if you want to embrace all the feels, you can because those PJs are available to purchase.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

Swift's pajamas from the "Lover" music video are from brand Hanna Andersson, and you can grab them for a jumpstart on your holiday style. The Dear Deer set from the brand is available on the Hanna Andersson website and retails for $98 with sizes XS-XXL.

Just like in the video, if you want your family or you and your boo to match in these Christmas pajamas, there is also a unisex long john set that you can shop. If you just want the pants or top, that's possible, too. You can buy them as separates.

Swift's "Lover" pajamas aren't the only items from her latest videos that you can shop. If you loved the singer-songwriter's style in the "You Need To Calm Down" music video, you'll likely be stoked to know that the daisy-accented blue sunglasses Swift wore are up for grabs from brand Rad + Refined. The glasses are currently on pre-order and will ship in 2-4 weeks after ordering.

Taylor Swift/YouTube

If you a major Taylor Swift fan and want to cop her Christmas look from the "Lover" music video, head over to the Hanna Andersson website now. With Swift's popularity and the release of her new album, these PJs may not last long.