Taylor Swift Is Releasing ANOTHER Video For “Delicate” & Fans Are Pretty Confused

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; taeguklovebot/Twitter

Taylor Swift's promotion for her Reputation album continues. Early on Thursday, March 29, the singer revealed on Instagram that fans can expect a new music video before the end of the day. In fact, Swift's second "Delicate" video is dropping on Spotify at midnight. It's normal to have some questions about all of this.

For instance, there was already a video for "Delicate," one which Swift received backlash for because of its apparent resemblance to a perfume ad. Will the new "Delicate" video be an answer to that? Would Swift bestow the blessing of a second "Delicate" video upon fans if there hadn't been a critical response to the first one? Had she filmed the video prior to the minor scandal, or did she quickly put one together in the aftermath? And those are just the questions about the song. Not for nothin', but Spotify is primarily a music streaming service. It's reportedly struggled to roll out its video series over the years. In October 2017, Spotify canceled plans for upcoming television shows. Is Swift's second "Delicate" video the inaugural moment for Spotify video for real this time?

Remember when you thought the most exciting thing that would happen Thursday is the return of baseball? There's a lot to unpack with this. Let's take a closer look at what could be happening with Swift dropping a second video for "Delicate."

Swift is currently rehearsing for her Reputation stadium tour, and she took the time to make an Instagram video announcing her new "Delicate" video from backstage. Swift's PR strategy can come off as faux intimacy at times, and in the Reputation era, her "off the cuff" moments feel increasingly choreographed. But the real question here is: Why? Why create two separate videos for the same song, when assembling just one music video is presumably an expensive, time-consuming, and creatively exhausting process? If it's Swift's attempt at a mulligan, she probably should have learned by now that it's 2018; there are no takebacks.

In case you are a casual fan, but assume that the Swifties will at least know what's up? Guess again. Swift's fans are just as confused about the new video surprise.

Spotify, meanwhile, has been talking about moving into the video space for years. Articles dating back to 2015 detail the "upcoming" rollout of Spotify video streaming. Every year since, a tech-focus website has claimed to reveal Spotify's plans to develop television shows, or how Spotify's video technology is failing, or how Spotify is scrapping their plans to stream video for who knows why. Is Swift's new video for "Delicate" finally Spotify's video moment to shine? Maybe.

Based on the company's tweet, it appears the "Delicate" video will be able to all Spotify users — i.e., it won't be exclusive to paying customers. This is a notable change from 1989-era Swift, who removed her content from Spotify and wrote an essay for the Wall Street Journal defending her choice. Whether users will have to update the Spotify app to accommodate video streaming remains to be seen.

For those of you who have forgotten the brief controversy surrounding "Delicate" — or are learning of it for the first time — Swift was challenged upon the release of her video. The internet thought "Delicate" bore a striking resemblance to Kenzo's 2016 perfume ad from director Spike Jonze. Neither Swift nor her representatives have released a statement about the comparisons.

The fact that Swift is releasing a second video without addressing the first one might raise eyebrows among her critics. However, longtime Swifties are just happy for the blessing. Even if the midnight "Delicate" release keeps them up past their bedtime.